Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is It Just Me? Or Were You Thinking The Same Thing?

Last night I went to Jessica's school with her (in the freezing cold) for a special night to get in the festive Chanukah mood. Jessica had told me that the girls had this whole dance that the teacher made up.... they were going to use glow sticks to kinda be like the lights of a menorah. The boys had a bit part. They were wearing letters on their backs and the girls were going to light up their letters which would spell Happy Chanukah in hebrew.

Well, we got there... the principal spoke and a teacher spoke and then the girls did their dance. They each had glow sticks (the lights were off) and were doing their thing. Suddenly the boys get up and stand behind the girls (facing us). The girls turn towards the boys and get down on their knees (Ok this is the part where either I have a very dirty mind or the teacher did not think it over so well. These are 6th grade boys!) and then the boys turn around and the girls hold up their glow sticks to reveal the letters on the backs of their shirts. Then it was over. All I can say is THANK GOD I was not sitting next to my friend Aliza because there would have been a little giggling going on. Of course I found her when we were leaving and had to discuss that moment of the dance.

The hebrew teachers made up a game show in hebrew which lasted way too long and I could not wait to get out of there. Lucky for me I was able to go on facebook and check emails on my phone.

I'm a really good example for my kids.....

I hope they don't read this.


  1. haha! thats so disturbing. i would have thought the same thing.

  2. i dont know what was worse last night - that image, or NT...

  3. OMG, thats too funny and of coure Im a fan of NT and alot of stuff that is twisted so my mind would have totally gone there too!
    As long as the kids didnt read anything into their own performance, no harm done there!
    - Miss S.

  4. you kill me.
    That's hysterical. In a scary creepy kind of way. But hysterical!