Monday, December 14, 2009

Sick Day

I wasn't feeling well yesterday. I tried running my 7 miles on the treadmill but after 2.25 thought I was gonna faint, was totally sweaty and overheated and just did not feel right. I had too busy a day to try to run outside later, and anyway, my head and throat weren't feeling great. If only I could remember to take those stupid amoxicillin pills so I can just get rid of this strep already!

Anyway, I am feeling better today. But thanks to my friend Orah who ran a whopping 8 miles yesterday, the competitive girl in me feels she needs to do the same even though it is drizzling outside. I HATE rain. Almost as much as I hate snow. But I think I'm gonna do it so I don't feel crappy for missing a big run. Besides I gotta do this half marathon in a few weeks and I'm starting to get really really nervous!

The good thing is that I feel I am a pretty strong runner. For years I would jog at 5.3, usually only being able to do a mile or a mile and a half without a walking break. When I went on the treadmill yesterday, 5.3 felt soooo slow. I cannot believe that I used to jog that slow. I wasn't sure of my pace because I usually only run outside these days so I upped it to 5.8... Still too slow. I upped it to 6.0 which I kept it at, but noticed that I was way behind my running speed. I normally finish my first mile after the first 2 songs on my ipod. On the treadmill it took the first 2 3/4 songs. I'm going to try to only run outside... even if it means getting an ugly ski mask or wearing a scarf or whatever.... it just seems to be a better workout for me. Plus I don't get as hot and I don't sweat as much....

So if you see a faceless girl running around the neighborhood, it's just me, going against my rule of not looking stupid in public...

I'm sure this was all extremely interesting for you all today, but I gotta run now. In the rain. Hopefully not getting sicker.


  1. I didn't realize you had strep! Sounds terrible. The idea of running anywhere outside right now sounds worse, though. I have to go drop something off across campus and I've been putting it off all morning...

  2. even though its drizzling - the temps are great today, no wind and no ice or snow is actually great conditions .... considering. I probably looked like a total dork yesterday - but who cares. I got clothing especially for cold weather to keep the sweat from your skin and it made such a difference. If you wear the mask - no one will know who THE person is who looks like a dork anyway, and you will keep from getting sick. I just hope there is no ice for the next few weeks, how do you run on ice?

  3. there's something called a "gaitor" which is supposedly good to wear on your face while running in the cold.
    Feel better!