Monday, December 21, 2009

A Surprisingly Good Time

I did something I havn't done in about 12 years last night. I didn't do it by choice, I promised Jon I'd do it when I didn't know what else to get him for our anniversary. I went to a Blackhawk's game!

I actually had fun too. It's much more fun watching the game at the United Center than on tv. I understand why my kids love to go. It was a great game... they won 3-0. (And our seats were really good despite what this camera phone picture makes them out to be.)

At the game, I looked around and could not believe how many jerseys were in one room. Crazy. Also, I found it hilarious when the Blackhawks looked like they were about to score and the whole stadium would stand up with a collective "YEAH!" and then they miss and they all sit down with a collective "AWWWW." Not sure why, but that totally made me laugh. Every time. I like the music they play when they DO score (3 times last night) DA DA DA, DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA..... And there are always the push and shove of the players, the small fights, and the redwing player trying to smash a blackhawk into the glass but accidentally smashing himself. That was a highlight for me. Pretty funny stuff. Oh and what about that hawk (that I think looks more like a crow), that bangs on that drum thing.... boom boom boom. I like when the crowd answered it with "Detroit sucks." Not a big fan of the crow hawk though I do like Blackhawks buckets (like bozo buckets) and when they show pics of people on the screen, and then they see themselves and they get all excited.... fun stuff!

I had a deep thought while watching that game.... like how did the almost totally bald guy in front of me get his head so shiny? What is it about bald heads? Why are they so shiny? Are our heads shiny too and we just don't know it cuz our hair covers it? Or do they actually do something to it to make it shiny? If any bald guys out there have an answer, please respond in the comments.

Anyway, after the second period, we walked around a little and guess who was there doing a book signing???? Here's his pic...

Can you tell who he is?

If you can't just imagine him younger, in a bad suit and a beer in front of him...

It was Norm from Cheers. How cool is that?

There was also this other guy, Mark Lavarre, that used to play for the Blackhawks in the 90s autographing his photo, so I got one for each of my kids... well not Alyssa. Pretty cool. Would have been cooler if Jon knew who he was but the guys sitting next to us knew him so that's good enough for me. Besides, Emily has always wanted to get something autographed. She thought it was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!

Anyway, it was a fun night and we had the best babysitter ever! She drove to our house, gave our kids dinner, put the little ones to bed, washed all my dishes, and drove herself home! Best babysitter ever! Thanks Mom :)


  1. How fun. I love Nooooooooooooorm.

  2. Looks like you had a great time!!! Glad it was an event to remember!


  3. you are so lucky to have such a great, hands on mom - that lives nearby too!!!! ES

  4. I thought I was the best babysitter. I mean, it's okay if I'm not, but I just want to get it straight so I can try to one-up your mom next time I'm on the job .

  5. Dear Anonymous:

    RB decided to live near her family.......not move far away from them - last I recall that was your choice!

  6. Loved the bald head deep thought. You should totaly do a Rayli's Deep thoughts segment! And not ALL bald heads get that shiny. Well, maybe cuz some of them are covered up by Kippahs. Ok. I give up. But love that that's what you were thinking abt during the game!