Friday, December 18, 2009

A Miracle

Last night a miracle happened.

I decided to make a nice dinner for the 6 of us because I was overjoyed at the thought of having nothing to do, no where to go..... I wasn't sure if it was really going to happen. Alyssa would not nap, I had to keep her away busy while Will played with his friend, but in the end I got it all done.

When Emily finished her book report project, I called everyone to the table.

Now here is the miracle part. We all sat at the table (well, Will didn't last the whole time because he doesn't eat) and ate dinner together. AND it wasn't wacky mac or pizza or noodles or hotdogs (ok, fine I had to make Emily a hot dog later cuz she was still hungry, oh and cereal for Will so he wouldn't disappear). BUT we all sat together. And ate together. And I didn't make any kid food. In fact I was selfish and I made food that I like to eat for once... Chicken (roasted with spices and stuff), rice, vegetable stir fry, and roasted acorn squash and sweet potatoes. Even Alyssa sat in her rice covered seat. I was so shocked! My best baby eater gone junk food eater was eating chicken! Can't remember the last time she did that (besides in chicken soup). She was not only eating it but was eating so much of it that I couldn't cut it fast enough!

As a mom, that might have been the best feeling in the world!

Alyssa even let Jon put her to sleep tonight. Well sort of, she doesn't let him sit in her bed, but still..... I got to hang out with my older girls and we were not studying or doing homework or anything. We watched survivor together and played a game and it might have been the most relaxing night I have had in a while.

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  1. YAY for relaxing nights...and dinners as a family!!