Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ball, Nuts, and A Postcard

The other night Emily decided that we should watch Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark). You know that scene with the big boulder and Indi running out of the cave? Well Alyssa LOVED it. She kept saying "ball" and "see it."

In the middle of the movie I went upstairs with her to put her to bed and she kept repeating "ball" and "see it." I told her that she could watch the ball movie n the morning. While I laid in bed with her she kept saying ball till finally she fell asleep.

The next morning I heard Alyssa talking so I got out of bed and went into the hallway. She was on the stairs chatting away going downstairs BY HERSELF. She never goes downstairs by herself. She always sits at the top of the stairs and calls Mommy, Mommy....

Apparently she was really looking forward to watching Indiana Jones again, because she plopped her butt down on the couch and said "ball.... see it." She watched the movie, saw the ball rolling after Indi and then continued to watch the rest. Will came downstairs. I told him that Alyssa was obsessed with this movie and really wanted to see it.

Will (who hasn't seen the movie in at least a year. About a fifth of his life.) says to me, "Mommy, you really shouldn't let her watch this movie. It is not appropriate. Don't you remember that scene later in the movie when the strong guy fights Indiana Jones by the airplane. There is BLOOD. So not appropriate. And all the fighting. And they punch, and there's blood. It is not appropriate for Alyssa. Look right now (scene in Nepal when he goes to get the medallion from that girl. What's her name again?) do you see the blood coming from his face?"

That kid is too funny. Nothing seems to scare my kids though. They all love scary movies. The only thing that really scares Will is spiders. Seriously even just saying the word makes him freak out.

Anyway, if anyone is a diehard Indiana Jones fan, come on over. We have a showing at least 5 times a day.


I took my kids and 3 of Jessica's friends to a paint and party place yesterday. They all painted and they came out really nice.... especially Will's awesome red dragon. Anyway, we were on our way home around 4 and I told the kids that I was starving and we should pick up an early dinner. Jessica was like, "Mommy I am starving too." And of course, always the competitive girl, I said, "Yeah well you ate lunch at least. All I ate was a couple nuts." Which I did. I ate some pecans, but apparently Jessica is old enough to think of that word in a different way, and looked at me like I was nuts and almost burst into laughter. Truthfully, I almost did too..... Hahahahaha....


So remember how I was expressing my love for Zappos the other day.....? And I was saying that I saw that the girls' Michael Kors boots were on sale a couple weeks after I bought them, so I called and asked for the difference. Well it had turned out that I had bought them on sale but they had gone done a little more in price since then. So he told me that he would reimburse me the difference of that which was only $2.90 for each. I said to him, Oh you know I didn't realize I had bought them on sale it's not that big of a difference it's ok. And he had told me that it's $5.80, and that's a good cup of coffee. So I laughed and said ok then, I'll go to Starbucks today on you. Thanks. We both laughed and hung up.

Well... yesterday I got a postcard from him (well from zappos too) in the mail! He wrote :

Hi Jennifer! (*oh by the way, that's my legal name)
Hope your Kors are working out!
Did you get that big cup of coffee with your refund? :)
Happy Holidays! -George

He left his extension on the bottom of the postcard. I think he has a crush on me. Just kidding.

But he does have my address cuz it's hand written. Kinda scary how much information we give out to complete strangers.

Anyway, if anyone needs a nice guy to help them out at zappos.com, let me know, and I'll hook you up with George.


  1. I LOVE ZAPPOS (drool ...drool....drool...)

  2. I love Zappos as well...too bad I don't have any money for shoes :( Maybe the hubs will hear my call for new footwear and get me something fab...doubt it - but a girl can dream!


  3. I hope my girls done know the "other" meaning of the word "nuts" till they are good and married. I think that I am deluding myself as to how much they already know about that kinda stuff. But ignorance is bliss and in my case it will keep me sane!
    - Miss S.

  4. Your name is Jennifer?
    This information has just completely changed everything. It's like I don't even know you. HEH. I kid. :)

    stores with good customer service full me with glee. seriously.

  5. My daughter and I completely lost it shopping in Walmart the other day... over something that we (well she) really shouldn't be laughing at. The fact that she laughed made me laugh even worse... OH I am such a bad momma... lol