Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This, Believe It Or Not,Took Me All Day To Write.

I have no time to do a full blog today. I have 3 kids home. Jessica who is faking (as usual) and doing a very bad job of it. Will who had a teensy tinsy drop of fever this morning but is fine and definitely going to school tomorrow. Or else. And Alyssa who still has a terrible runny nose but nothing else. Poor baby. But seriously where the hell does it all come from????

I did get one thing accomplished today!!!! It is major. Jessica is afraid to be alone in the house. Not that I ever ask her to be or expect her to be, but she is almost 11 1/2 and my babysitters for her when she was little were 12. And I mean sometimes when you just wanna run out for a second or go to a neighbor's house for a few minutes it would be nice to do it alone. Well today was a beautiful day outside and I really wanted to run. I havn't been able to since sunday because of all these sickies.

Well after I put Alyssa down for a nap today I asked Jessica if she would mind staying home with Will and sleeping Alyssa so I can get a quick run in. At first she said no, but Will said to her, "Aw, come on. You can do it." So Jessica said if I take my phone I can go for half an hour." I made sure she was really ok with it and then I was off. I am usually an 11 min. 20 sec. mile on the treadmill so I decided to only run 3 miles and told her not to worry if I was a couple minutes late.

IT FELT SO SO SO GOOD to get out of that sick house. ALONE!!!!! I did a quick run in just under 30 min. and felt great! So proud of Jessica!!! Thanks sweetie! Love ya! When I got home she said, "Oh I was just about to call you. You could have run a little further. I'm totally fine."


  1. seriously - what good is an 11 an 1/2 year old if you cant run out for a little while. I am waiting for the day that I can run out for a minute without scheduling in some sort of babysitter.

  2. That's great. It'll be a new era if Jessica can let you go out for a little bit while she holds down the fort.

  3. I can't wait til my Ab is old enough to do that for me! I only have a few more years! BTW good job with your running!!! Keep it up girly and you will have no problem in the marathon. :)

  4. Yeah! That is great! My neighbor started "boring" my daughter when she was 12. I wish I wasn't so lazy and would at least get on the treadmill sometimes.... I just can't do it.