Friday, November 13, 2009

Going To The Park, A Faker & A Few Tears

I don't know if any of you noticed, but the other day someone who calls him/her self RAM left an advertisement in the comments of my blog that links to their store. At first I was annoyed, but then I decided to take it as a compliment that RAM apparently thinks I have a big audience out there and wants some business. So not like me to look at things on the positive side....

Anyway, I was so happy that it was just me and Alyssa again this morning. Not sure why I didn't send her to school actually, but anyway it was a beautiful day so I took her to a park we have never been to that I saw when I was running one day. She was so happy and so cute. If I could bottle that giggle I would. I would even mail it to all of you guys so you could hear it. Today I learned that Alyssa is a maniac on the big kid swings! She hangs her head and body back, she slides her not so little tushy back, and she moves her legs like she's riding a bike.... all while swinging on the big kid swing. And she is only 2. Just turned 2 I might add. I sat on the swing next to her and did what she did. She thought it was so funny. And I couldn't stop laughing at her cute little laughs and dare devil ways. She went down all the slides at least 10 times and then had enough and walked back to the car. What a cutie!

I went home, assuming I was gonna put her down for a nap and get a little "me" time. But of course as I was opening the front door to my house my cell phone rang. It was Emily crying that her stomach hurt and she needed to come home. I picked her up from school and we came home and ate lunch together. We did a fun sheet from school together and checked out the attractions in Oregon (she has that state for her class's state fair). I realized that her stomach wasn't hurting she just needed a little attention. Poor girl... things have been pretty busy around here.

Later on I let Alyssa paint while Emily and Will played Mario. This little girl of mine LOVES to paint! It quickly turned into finger paint and a very giant mess! She was very proud of her painting though and loved showing it off.

We also played with pegs, which she loves! It was a good Mommy/Alyssa day.

I have been struggling lately with my 4 days away from my kids when I go to Miami for the half marathon. I never leave my kids and I am really gonna miss them. I feel sad that Alyssa won't understand why I am not here. The older kids will at least understand and know that I am coming back soon. I can just hear her little voice saying, "Mommy, Mommy." Oh man, I'm ending it here.... I'm starting to cry again.


  1. You're such a good mommy. Can I send my 2 year old to your little Mommy/Alyssa school?
    And I know exactly what you mean about leaving your kids. Its hard for me also but I've learned to just live with it. Honestly - the anticipation of leaving is SO much harder than actually leaving. I've had to leave T a few times because of work and Im always SO nervous beforehand but it actually doesnt end up being bad at all. T - who has never been to school- was TOTALLY fine while I was gone. I'm SURE alyssa will be fine.

  2. My child is 14 and I still DON'T like to leave her!!