Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Boring Thoughts & Alyssa :)

I had the honor this past weekend of being the first and probably last guest at my friend's house for dinner friday night, and all I gave them was a salad bowl and a cold. Sorry Kayla is sick. Thanks Michal and Josh for having us. Jon and I were honored. We will definitely miss you guys and especially your kids when you leave us in December. :( I'm happy, and slightly jealous, that you guys found a house! And just so everyone knows... their 5 year old gives the best compliments.... definitely befriend her. P.S. Keep track of that awesome soup pot. I might try to steal it.


Anyway, I'm supposed to be running right now, but I will wait till Alyssa wakes up and see how she's feeling before I leave her with my cleaning woman. Will is soooo much better, but that nose of Alyssa's........ yuck. I mapped out a 5 mile run... I was supposed to run it on sunday but it was our Rabbi's baby's bris (circumcision) so I ran it inside on my treadmill while sicky Alyssa watched tv. I really cannot wait to run outside again, so hopefully today will be the day. I'm hoping I can actually do it because I went to bed at 2:40 and woke up at 6:15. ouch. I need some major caffeine today. What was I doing till so late you ask? Laundry. Crazy sick amounts of laundry. I hadn't done a load since friday afternoon and my basement had piles taller than me. Plus Jessica and Emily got new bedding so I had to wash all the comforters and old bedding so I could put it away. I washed 18 bath towels! Seriously, I cannot believe I got all that laundry done. My kids wear way too much clothes everyday. The layered look and having to wear a tank and leggings underneath every day is killing me!


I will end this blog with some cute pics of my little Alyssa.....

This is what Alyssa looked like the morning I went to Oprah and Jon got her ready for school...

Alyssa going to school

I guess I give her yogurt for lunch a lot.

Her teachers tell me that she is really good at matching things. I wanted to see for myself. This was yesterday. I lined up one row of colors twice. She did the rest.

She actually played with these magna tiles all day long! Not kidding. Straight up until bedtime. She builds houses with them too! This is a great toy. Every house should have a set.

Here is Alyssa, lovin that bathy baby....

(This was the night before she started sleeping in her new bed.)


  1. Look how organized and neat those lines are! She is soooo your daughter! i wanted to buy those at one point in time...but seriously, i cannot even allow one more toy into my house. I need to get rid of at least half our toys before i buy another one. I feel like all i do all day long is pick up toys....ARGH!
    p.s. I hear we get josh and michal close to us now! rayli, you'll have to come visit our neighborhood now!

  2. AWWWW, we are going to miss u guys too! What are my kids going to do when they can't stop by your house and eat all of your cake?!
    Also, mgana tiles rule. They are expensive but totaly worth it.

  3. She is such a cutie!!!

    BTW... you've tagged over at my blog...

  4. I love that last picture. So cute.

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