Monday, November 9, 2009


There are 2 things that make me so sick that I want to scream and run out of my house.

1. disgusting running noses.... not the kind that you just have to wipe every 10 minutes. I'm talking about the kind that needs a tissue box at hand 24/7. The kind that kids wipe all over their sleeves and hands and face. The kind that, sadly, makes your own mother want to throw up and think how gross her own child is.

2. the sick smell. This is by far the worst smell in the whole world. Anyone who has kids knows this smell. I can smell strep throat before the doctor can even declare it. It's the kind of smell that will almost make you pass out. The kind of smell that makes you wanna run out and buy a gas mask. The kind that makes a mother discreetly cover her nose (or stop breathing for as long as she possibly can without fainting) when the child she loves talks to her.

Well lucky me. I have both of these today. Alyssa has the runny nose. Will has the stinky smell. I am waiting till Alyssa wakes up to get him Amoxicillin so I can start breathing again. I am gonna have to drink quite a few latte's to get through today. I am totally nauseous and am having trouble staying in the same room as him. I have Alyssa's runny nose all over me, and I am just not loving today. I cannot wait for this day to end.

I do feel bad for my kids though. Luckily Alyssa slept the whole night (breathing like Darth Vader). So she isn't 100% gross to me yet. I stress the yet. But Will was up all night and I am not only tired but 100% grossed out. I do feel bad that he is burning up with fever and not feeling well. I want him to feel good, and I will take care of him all day. I'll just have to do it without breathing and from a bit of a distance....

O.k. Now that you are all feeling nauseous with me, I will tell you how much Will and Alyssa love their new bunk bed! It was delivered on thursday and so far Alyssa has slept in it 3 nights!!! Without waking up in the middle of the night!!!! Even with a bad cold!!!! I am not sure I ever went one night without her waking up and coming in my bed when she slept in her crib. This is awesome!!! Love it!!! Do you think I used enough exclamation marks? Anyway, I splurged on the nicer bunk bed because I think that you should never buy cheap furniture (like I made the mistake of doing with my kitchen table and IKEA chairs) especially not with bedroom furniture or dining room sets.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Inside, by Alyssa's pillow are bookshelves and on the side by the ladder is a desk that Jessica and Emily are fighting over. Not kidding. They were crying about it on thursday night and made a schedule so they can take turns doing their homework there. Oh and they both want Alyssa's bed.

By the way, do you see the baby Alyssa is holding? My sister in law bought it for her for her birthday and she takes it EVERYWHERE! It is a bath baby and has a little pee hole for all the water to drain after the bath. Alyssa thinks it's funny that the baby can pee.

Last week Rach asked me what Jillian Michaels DVD I use and I totally forgot to answer her. It's the 30 Day Shred one. It is great! I totally recommend it! It is on demand sometimes for free if you want to try it out. Another one that I tried on demand is the metabolism booster one. I think that one is either 50 or 60 minutes. The 30 day shred one is great because there are 3 levels and it is only 20 minutes of exercise that totally works every inch of your body. I think they have it on amazon for like $8. That's where I bought mine. And you can use 3 pound weights. Jillian says you don't need more than that.

My kids like it too. I don't let them use weights for the whole thing. It's too hard for them. They actually did it the other night....

That's all for now.


  1. I'm so happy for you about Alyssa sleeping in her own bed in her own room now. That's amazing...3 nights in a row. I'm sure you're holding your breath till the lucky streak ends, but I hope it doesn't.

  2. that bunk bed is SO nice! i would buy one except my children are the type to jump off of it so i feel like its a bad idea. oh well. :)

  3. Nice bunks! My kiddies love the ones in E's room!

  4. Thank you Rayli. I thought so, and thats the one I bought. It's awesome- I was in so much pain this weekend and it was wonderful.

  5. sigh. I hope they feel better and stop smelling bad soon! ;)

  6. Oh No! Kayla is also not feeling well. What do your kids have?

  7. Thanks for all that, I was starving 5 min ago, now....not so much, but I'm still gonna eat before I pass out from starvation.
    Nice bunk beds, looove the color.
    I hope ur kids get better soon. Can't believe Alyssa is in a bed. I better get my act together and get one for Zev, think he's older than Alyssa, but thanfully does NOT sleep in my room!
    - Miss. S

  8. the bed looks awesome! where'd you end up getting it?