Friday, November 6, 2009

Old Pictures

Yesterday I was looking at all the old camp pictures someone was posting on facebook. We are talking major 80's and 90's hair. We are talking unflattering pictures. Major awkward stages, big hair, braces, and weird clothes. Not just me, everyone. Then I came to a picture of my sister in law. She was a counselor, not a camper in this one.... mid 90's. She looked really good. I told my kids to come look at it, and they said, "That's Aunt Naomi??? She looks so different!" I showed them pictures of some people they know, some of their friends' parents, and some pictures of their aunts when they were little.

I looked back at the picture of me and said, "I look so ugly in these pictures." :(

Will looks at me and says, "No you don't. And besides, you're cute now!"

And that is why I love that kid so much. He always knows how to make me feel good.

Love ya, Will. YOU are the cutest!


  1. Facebook is the devil! LOL not really but sometimes I feel like that when someone starts post high school pic or camp pictures. OH the laughs to be had. At least we can laugh now...
    What a sweet little guy... All my daughter does is laugh and say how wierd I look in the pics. I just keep telling her to wait, she will take her turn in due time...

  2. I could not stop laughing at the pictures!!!! BTW Naomi looks great in the pictures! Somehow anyone who went to camp in the past clued in to those pics yesterday - its all everyone is talking about ... and to see what times we had!!!! I only hope my kids can have the opportunities like I did to have so much fun!!! ES

  3. i went through all those pics and did not even notice u. And thank G-d no pics of me from the one year I was there.

  4. I think there is just something about boys and their moms. Ethan always can cheer me up!

  5. Well thanks, everyone! It was because I didn't have bangs I think. Bangs was where people got into trouble.

  6. If u still looked like sh*t now, then u should feel like a loser, but you dont so ur good. Didnt see any pics of you either, besides, I kinda knew you back then, and I dont remember you looking that hideous.
    - Miss S.