Monday, October 12, 2009

It's All Over....

All these holidays have been very enjoyable, but I am happy to announce that they are over!!!! The kids can go back to school tomorrow and I can go back to my normal life. We will have one last hurrah at Monkey Island today.... never been there but it's supposed to be a fun indoor playground/jumpy things/climbing things for kids. Yesterday was the last day of our holidays and what I love about the holidays as opposed to Shabbat is that we can cook. So after a long day at shul (synagogue) and a luncheon there too, I let my girls bring all their friends over for some game playing, basketball playing, and cooking/baking. By the time they left they had played Whoonu, a fun cranium game... I actually played with them :), played Bratz, and set up some pretty elaborate houses and closets and a ton of who knows what that took over my family room, and played basketball. We had made some bite sized cookies, homemade pizza, and I let them make sushi by themselves! It was really delicious! I even have a picture I took last night...

There are 2 girls missing from this picture. They all did such a good job!

Anyway, I told you guys about going to Chucky Cheese on thursday, right? Well Alyssa LOVES that little carousel there. Seriously could stay on it forever!

(by the way, Jessica wore that shirt when she was 4. I hope it shrunk over the years.)

Well, I was wading through the mess of toys in my basement (why do kids dump everything?) sunday morning, throwing things out because I'm tired of cleaning up, and Alyssa found this little tiny carousel from a polly pocket toy and was carrying it everywhere... she's so cute! That's the end of the story. I know it doesn't sound like anything exceptional to blog about, but it was really cute when it happened.

Moving on.....

I just want you all to know that Will has just informed me that I should sell apples for a living. Thanks Will. And Alyssa was playing with clorox wipes while I was writing this (big OMG! She was on the kitchen table pulling them all out and wiping her face with them...almost had a heart attack!!!!!!!). And lastly, I have realized that not only does Alyssa not like her daddy at night, she is scared of him! Great. She always wakes up frantic in the middle of the night. Last night was really really bad. I asked Jon to leave our room just to see if my suspicions were right, and sure enough she stopped crying the second he walked out of the room. We obviously need Alyssa out of our room asap. This is crazy!


  1. thats hysterical. shes afraid of him? you seriously have to do something about that.

  2. Thats great........instead of nuva ring you have alyssa!!