Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So NOT Thrifty

So I tried to be a good coupon user like my friends
Shosh and Sara, and Samantha from Apple Juice & Milk. I clipped some coupons, brought them to the store. I even remembered to use them. But, alas I am not a thrifty shopper. I do not know how to get my groceries for free like they do. I saved a little over 15 bucks but I spent well over 200! Diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, tide.... all that stuff adds up fast! Then you throw in the school snacks, tooth pastes, waffles and pancakes..... we go through all these things crazy fast! Visit their blogs and see how much they pay for these things, because it is not even close to the $269 that I just spent.

Sara and Shosh, teach me your couponing ways!!! Let me buy my groceries for free!!!!!!

Seriously, check out their sites.... you will never want to pay full price for anything ever again.


Anyway, in the mood of being thrifty, I found the following which I once wrote, added to, but never posted. And I was feeling pretty good about my spending on those days, so I am gonna cut and paste and post it now.....

Trying To Be Thrifty (I think it was from June)

So I'm sure you all saw the link I had on my blog a couple weeks ago. The one where my friend paid just over $5 for her groceries.... Well I felt very motivated to spend less money because I am that person that never gets anything on sale. If I buy something at a store, it will go on sale the day after the 2 week price adjustment period. Or I'll go to target to buy groceries and that will be the day that the one cereal my kids want will be full price, they'll be out of their favorite yogurts, and they will not have the right flavor waffles in stock. One time they were out of milk. Another time they did not have any size 4 pampers. That is my luck.

I was planning on going to Costco to buy some fruits and veggies, but I was returning a birthday present Will got from Walmart and there was a grocery store right there.

I normally am a grocery store snob and would not go into a no name place like this but the sign said it had just opened, so it was new and looked pretty clean... Anyway, I was in a hurry because I had to pick my girls up in half an hour....

This is what I bought:

1 carton of 18 eggs
3 red apples
5 granny smith apples
2 16oz. containers strawberries
1 container blueberries
4 red peppers
3 big loose carrots
a bag of green grapes
a cantaloupe
a big bag of broccoli
16oz. campari tomatoes (not sure what these are, but they are really good)
4 gourmet tomatoes
1 seedless cucumber

How much do you think that should cost? Let's hear some guesses...

I'll tell ya how much I paid tomorrow.

(I think I had paid just under $20... pretty good for me)

I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago... and of course I never went back to this random grocery store that I thought had great prices.... I did go to Dominick's and spent about $8 on 2 seedless cucumbers and 2 peppers.
I guess I should go back to that random one.....


Oh wait, I did get something on sale recently, and I'm so proud I must share it with all of you! There is a store called Such A Deal. It is really not such a deal at all. My friends shop there, but I don't like to tempt myself with things I can't have, so I never went there. Two weeks ago, the family was driving around one sunday trying to figure out what to do before my nephew's birthday party when Jessica decided we should go shopping somewhere we never went before. We happened to be near Such A Deal, and truthfully I didn't think it would be open, so we decided to go there. Of course it was open and there was a sign in front that said, SALE 50% off Buy 3 get one free. I mean, who could resist....not me, that's for sure. So Jessica, Emily, and I went in while Jon waited in the car (shockingly, he was really patient and let us shop). And guess what? We got such a deal at Such A Deal!!!!! Of course we bought the 3 plus 1 free from the sale racks. But there was a great outfit for Emily that was not on sale and the owner happened to be on the phone and offered it to us for 30% off!!! Yay me! I got 1 dress for Emily (the black one she wore to the bat mitzvah), 2 dresses for Jessica, an Ella Moss tank for Emily, a cute top for Jessica! So proud!


  1. I am right there with you! I try. I actually used $8 in coupons my last trip. I can't seem to find time to make it to the store once a week, much less to 3 or 4 different places. My family is such picky eaters, I can't buy all the good stuff they have coupons for. I have to stick to the same ol stuff. $150-$200 a week. Every week. That's it. We have just learned to deal with it.

  2. $200+??? that's how much I spend at Jewel every MONTH!!!!

    Hee hee.

    Shosh and I should have a class. :)