Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do They Want Us To Beg?

Listen FX producers, if you are gonna warn us that there is nudity and sexual situations in a tv show, you better live up to it and show us some....

Nip Tuck is what I'm talking about. I was excited all day for the season premiere... Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy...... Dr. Christian Troy..........Mmm... Dr... Christian... Troy....

Oh, where was I? Oh yeah, so my friends and I were waiting all day for the season premiere of our favorite raunchy tv show.... I had to sit through the Blackhawks game with my husband so I could watch the second time it aired (first at 9 then at 10). Seriously 9 minutes left in the game... somehow it lasted at least 20 minutes. Oh, and I can tell you all about how the hockey puck ricocheted (seriously no idea how to spell that) off his skate and into the goal because they replayed it at least 7 times. Not to mention that I do not like watching sports, and knowing that I was missing Nip Tuck at 9 was totally killing me.

Anyway, Mario Lopez was introduced on the show and oh my freaking god... he has the most amazing abs (How do they compare to Jamie Foxx, Orah?).

He might have been the highlight of the show, along with a few funny lines and situations, but where was all the raunch we women have grown to expect and love? On a scale of raunchiness I give it an 8, which is pretty good. But when you are used to a perfect 10 every week... not so much. I mean a quick little tushy in the shower is not gonna cut it for us!

Ok. Fine. I'm over it. There is always next week.

Jon, we're even now for the VS post :)

I will be back in Mommy Mode tomorrow. I swear!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Debauchery, we are going to hell.

  2. I think I am just a Slater Hater...because I totally don't see the Mario Lopez appeal!

  3. i'm with ali on the mario bit. he was cute on saved by the bell, but for some reason i just don't see him as sexy now. i don't know why. he's almost like a cartoon to me. oh, and i think he's gay.

    and i should totally try watching nip/tuck one of these days. never watched it before but with the way you guys drool over it, i must admit..i'm a little intrigued.....