Friday, October 16, 2009

A Stalker

I think I have a stalker. She is a complete stranger that I met in the baby gym at Alyssa's school. She overheard me talking about a challah recipe with someone and when the someone left she started asking me about it. She asked me for the recipe which I gladly gave to her, because everyone should give out their good recipes.

Oh and on a tangent.... If you give out your recipe it's not nice to pretend you are not sure about an ingredient or an amount or leave something out or add something in. I know there are people out there who do that.

OK, back to the stalker. The next day I saw her in the baby gym again, and she told me she didn't make the bread yet, but she was gonna try to. I was all, "OK. Great. Enjoy it." Then she asked me if she can come over to my house and watch me make it sometime. Um, hello. You are a stranger. I do not know you. I do not really feel comfortable with that idea. But I responded, "Oh, don't be silly. It's a really easy recipe. You can totally do it."

Then she started asking me where I live and told me that she lives kind of close to my house. And that she walks up and down the alleys near my house looking for grape leaves. Huh? And that maybe she'll see me one time. And I'm all, "Yeah, that would be great. I'll definitely say hello if I see you." WTF??? Stalker!!!!!

I'm a little scared of her. Not because I think she would hurt me, because I think she is obviously a lonely 50 year old (she told me her age) babysitter who hangs out with a baby all day. I mean, I would want someone to hang out with too, but like YOU ARE A STRANGER!!!!!! You are SO NOT coming over to hang out and bake bread with me!

Wow.... This world is filled with some crazy people! Glad to know that I am an approachable person and that random strangers feel they can befriend me. I think.


  1. Just checking in - making sure you are okay - you know - still alive, not beaten to death with a rolling pin or anything...

  2. i was freaked out by that lady when i met her. she kept LOOKING at me. like a LOT. make sure she doesnt follow you home or anything.

  3. I like your new layout - but cant see the words well. Maybe change the color of the lettering.

  4. should i do it in black? there aren't so many dark colors

  5. Maybe a brighter color would work - like yellow , dunno - experiment.

  6. Oops, lol! I guess I'm kind of a stranger-stalker cause you don't know me IRL and I love reading your blog (since I bloghopped and discovered your blog (from Mckmama's NOt me Monday links)

    You don't worry though. I NEVER bake! :P

  7. Blog stalkers are always welcome!

  8. ok, so first i was reading and thought, maybe she just doesn't know a lot of people and thought you were cute (in a friendly way-not in a sexual way--tho you ARE hot, but you know what i mean) and she was trying to make friends.

    but then you wrote how she walks up and down your alleys looking for grape leaves and it started to get weird. ( i mean, what does she DO with them? and you don't live in a vineyard! why would there be grape leaves in your alley?!?!)

    THEN you wrote how she was a babysitter. i thought she was another mom. so it got a little weirder.

    THEN you wrote how she was a 50 YEAR OLD sitter. so i totally get how she freaked you out. and in she jewish? cuz why would someone's 50 year old babysitter want your challah recipe? was she even in the baby gym with a kid? maybe she just hangs out there and picks up random cute young women and wraps them in grape leaves.

    maybe you should talk to her charges actual mom...if there even IS one.....

  9. creepy. run.. far. Like Adina said-if she was your age, ok, she's lonely, wants friends. But she's old enough to be your mother. Stalker. Stay away :)

  10. I sent you some bloggy love...check it out :)