Monday, October 26, 2009

Running A Marathon?

I think I might run the Chai Lifeline half marathon. Not sure yet because....

A. I don't know if I can raise the $3800 I need in order to participate.

B. I'm afraid that I won't be able to run the 13 miles.

C. I need to lose some weight so I'll look good in all that spandex.

By the way, I'm most worried about number C. Not Kidding!

The marathon is on January 31 in Florida. I think I'll feel really good about myself if I do it, but I am definitely nervous about it. I just started thinking about it, so I'm kinda behind in the training. I can only do 3 miles. And I only have 3 months to get those other 10 miles in!!!

The good thing is that I know a couple people who plan on walking half of it, so at least I'll have someone to count on if I can't run it all, but hopefully I'll be able to...

So what do you all think? Should I go for it?


Ok, so I was going to end it like that, but then I decided to google an image of a person running a marathon. I found these....

I mean, how do these women run with their "girls" all loose like that... I mean, get a sports bra or a tighter tank to run in. Besides it just looks awful! Katie, you are hangin a little low there. And the top picture... all I can say is that I know what I will not be wearing! Man, that girl is ripped!

Oh my god, now I'm really worried about my running outfit!


  1. First - I will make it easier
    1. it is 3600.00, not 3800.00

    2. Most people are just beginning training, since training is really 12 weeks before the Marathon.

    3. A lot of us in Team lifeline are out of shape and frankly - I will NOT be wearing spandex of any kind (and I MOST CERTAINLY WILL have a sports bra - or 2.)

    4. No one looks good running, and getting sweaty so forget C.

    5. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Ummm that would so hurt, I don't know how somone can run with out ummm "the proper support". They will have zuchinni's instead of oranges by the time they are 40.

    I couldn't do it... but truely respect those that can. Get it set in your mind... and start working away.

  3. It's so funny that you mention the "girls" just hanging around while they exercise. It's actually a perfect way for them to have a bad case of the saggy boobs. You're supposed to wear a shock absorbent sports bra while exercising, or'll be tucking your boobs into your pants. :)

    By the way, I don't run unless I'm being chased...

  4. I used to recommend to my clients to wear 2 sports bras at a time. One with a T back and one with regular straps. I would do the same, but truthfully, after 3 kids, my boobs still hang low. Really low. And that, my dear, is putting it nicely ! If you want a cyber buddy to run with . . . I could be coerced to get back in running shape. :) Let me know!

  5. You can do it!!!!
    Really. I mean it. You have more than enough time to train.

  6. OK! Just read your comment . . . I am not back into it. I have not been working out in awhile and I doubt I could run 2 miles right now, let alone three. It's one of those situations where just because I know what I should do, doesn't mean I do it. Kinda like a dentist with bad teeth and breath. Anyway . . . I am considering it. It would give me the motivation I sorely need. :)

  7. Ok, I am coming out of hiding to comment. You can totally do it, go for it! I'll contribute towards your team!- Rachelz