Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alyssa, Jessica, And A Crazy Person

I was walking down the hallway with Alyssa at her school. She was chatting away (of course I do not understand her babble but it's cute), saying bye to her friends and teachers. And I looked at her and thought, "When did my baby get so big?" She is approaching her 2nd birthday, but she seems so much older! It's not fair that she is growing up so fast! She seems to know so much and is so self sufficient, I cannot wait for her to start talking for real so I can hear what she has to say, what she thinks about. For now I will enjoy her random words and her nonstop babbling which is totally adorable!


I went to the fruit market the other day. I usually just go to the grocery store, but didn't want to deal with the lines or spending 3 times more than I have to. I looked at my groceries to make sure I had everything I needed and decided to take a picture because it looked so pretty and colorful...

Seriously, I need to get a life. And for sure the check out person thought I was totally nuts!


When I went to Dominick's (grocery store) with Will and Alyssa on friday, Will asked me if he can do the self check out. Even though I despise self check out I let him, because for some reason every child in the world wants to work a cash register and finds it incredibly exciting to scan bar codes. I know I did when I was little.

On a side note, Jessica (11 years old) decided that she wants to stamp things as a career when she gets older. I'm not kidding. She thinks it is fun to have an ink pad and a stamper and stamp documents all day. She told me that her ideal career in life is to be the passport stamper at the international airport. Um, help. Someone talk some sense into this girl. I told her to aim higher and that I'd buy her a stamp set.

Anyway, while Will was scanning things that I passed him, Alyssa stood up in the cart, took the juice boxes, sat back down in that seat part and proceeded to open all of them. I ignored her because she was actually sitting for a few minutes, and a little apple juice on your clothes never hurt anybody. Anyway, she sneezed and the woman at the self check out behind me said TO ALYSSA.... "Um, do you mind turning that way if you're gonna sneeze."

I looked at her like she was totally insane, which I kind of believe she was, and I thought to myself, "Hmm... does this crazy lady know that she is talking to a 23 month old, who is sitting in a seat that has to face that way. Is she freakin serious????"

Now, I know nobody likes germs. I totally get that, and maybe I would have cut her a little slack for being so weird if I hadn't heard a conversation she had with someone only moments before.

She let a guy use her Dominick's card, and when he thanked her she said to him, "Ok, now you go and be nice to someone else because I just did something nice for you, and you gotta go pay it forward." The guy was like, " I am really nice. I volunteer at this place not too far from here..." And she said, cutting off his pathetically nice defensiveness, "Yeah well you should do nice things for someone, cause that's what I just did for you..."


Seriously, where do these people come from?


  1. BUSTED!!! What is with that brand of cheese???

  2. i love how orah is a cheese stalker.
    and your cart looks very beautiful. although im shocked you allow your fruit and veggies to touch the cart. think of all the germs!

  3. the psycho's sister must shop in my grrocery store. I had a lady tell me to make sure El has her shoes on at all times because of the germs. Seriously???? She's 2! You try and keep her shoes on ! I'm ok with socks or bare feet.

  4. Orah, what are you talking about???? Ever hear of Haolam shredded mozzarella?


  5. Shosh, I was thinking the same thing! Rayli that was so unlike you!

  6. About the fruit and veggies not being in a bag.... i hate bringing home all those bags from the store. They are annoying and a waste. Just think about the people you see at the fruit market or anywhere else for that matter, and think about their hands touching each and every fruit or vegetable being placed in the pile. Or any bugs or worse that were on the fruits and veggies on their trip to the store. then think about all the people that came there and touched it... looking for just the right one to buy.

    That's when you realize that there can't be any more germs in the cart than there already are on the fruits and veggies. And since you know you have to wash them really well when you get home anyway, you definitely do not need to put them in the annoying bag you are gonna throw out right when you get home.

  7. Wow, I have not been here for a while, it looks so different. I think the food in the shopping cart looks lovely and Im glad I dont go to Dominicks, wouldnt wanna run in to psycho lady. I woulda said, "hey lady, Pay THIS forward, beotch!"
    Not really, but in my dreams I woulda said that.
    - Miss S.

  8. people are weird. And Orah, I lurve Oneg cheese. Can you please have Jewel put it back on sale again? what is with this $4.29/bag????

  9. I seriously get annoyed by people at grocery stores, well any stores for that matter...just because you are in the check out line beside me... does not give you the right to get in my business, lol, or speak to me :)