Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forget The Candy Store, Kids Want The Apple Store

My girls have been dying to buy themselves an ipod touch.

They were talking about it all the time. Telling me how cool they are. I was the mom saying, "But girls, you have ipods. They aren't even 2 years old yet. You don't need a new ipod." But, they would insist on telling me everyday about their friend's ipod touch, all the things it could do, and how many games they can play on it...

Well, I decided recently that I would let them upgrade their ipods. Mostly, because I lost mine and I need one to run. I told them that I would pay them each $15 for their old ones, and they could pay for the rest of it themselves. Jessica tried to sucker me into giving her $20 because hers was pink (not silver like Emily's) and pink is better. And even though I might agree with that, fair is fair, and Emily's was the newer model, and they were each only getting $15.

Of course, my girls have more money in their wallet than I do, plus $100 each in birthday money waiting for me to cash. So when I told them on Sunday that the day they have been waiting for had finally arrived, they ran upstairs and came down with a wad of $20 bills in their hands. The girls handed me their old ipods (I'm keeping the pink and giving the silver to Will... he deserves an upgrade from his shuffle) and off we went to the apple store.

The store was packed! What happened to the whole bad economy thing. I could not believe my eyes! It was so crowded that it felt steamy in there. And a little stinky I must say. The girls ran to the ipod touch table and started playing games on them. Will saw what they were doing and decided he needed to play too. He played air hockey, and in his words, "Oh my god. This is so awesome! I so need to have this too." Of course I reminded him that he was 5 and it was totally out of the question. Anyway, the girls paid for their ipods and then rushed us back home so they could charge them and set them up.

Now, after seeing it in person, holding it in my hands, I must admit I have a little bit of ipod envy. What's crazy is that we hooked it up with the password to our wireless modum and they are able to send emails, go on youtube, purchase and download games and other applications at the touch of a button. I put in my itunes account number and they can buy whatever apps they want just by touching BUY. I told them that whatever apps or games they buy, they must pay me back for. Last night Emily handed me $6. I think it went towards Uno, Solitaire, Tap Tap, and a few other games I can't remember right now. Jessica sent me an email from her ipod. Oh and another thing... they can just listen to their music. It plays out loud or with ear phones! And it takes pictures!

Now I see why they wanted it so badly, and I agree with them that it was $200 well spent.

And you know what else?

I now have my computer to myself....



  1. wow. im slightly jealous. so how do they work out of the house? do you have to pay for service on them?

  2. You don't pay for a service and somehow it does work out of the house. Not totally sure how. I guess cuz there is wireless almost everywhere now. Seriously, the thing is amazing! The only thing it can't do is make phone calls, but talking to people is just so overrated...... :)

  3. Ahhh.... ipod envy. I know it well.
    Joey's got an iTouch.
    Basically, it works like any laptop and picks up WiFi in the surrounding area. It doesn't have it's own subscription. You've gotta be in an area that already has WiFi going on.