Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Giant Tangent & Way Too Much Caffeine

Alyssa's birthday is on sunday!

My little girl will be 2 years old!

I swore off family dinners, but I am thinking about having everyone for brunch..... Hmm.

Jon doesn't want everyone to come over, but how can I not celebrate Alyssa's birthday with our families????

And I was all excited about making her cake!

Speaking of cake.....
Did you guys see Cake Boss the other night? So happy it's back on. Buddy is so great at making cakes. I wish I could do that. That venus fly trap cake could have used some leaves though. Just saying.

I watched last week's Nip Tuck last night. I give it a 10 and two thumbs up! I highly recommend it. I forgot what night it's on.... It was a little freaky though.

Biggest Loser made me cry last night. Poor Abby.... not sure I could live through her tragedy. And Shay, I mean, could a child have a worse upbringing? Get a box of tissues for this season!

The Hills... Brody is so gonna be hooking up with Kristen very soon. Cannot wait!

The City. Whitney, get over Jay. He is so not for you. And Olivia, you are ridiculous.

Ok, back to Alyssa.

Oh wait, how can I forget Mad Men. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. Don Draper is super sexy and I love him even though he cheats on his wife. all the time. with just about every woman he meets. I hope this young teacher girl doesn't go all fatal attraction on him.

And, have any of you seen the Jon and Kate plus 8 when Kate takes the 3 boys to Wyoming. Jessica and I love that one and we are planning a road trip there for the summer... so excited!

I think I watch too much tv. I should sleep more.

Oh! Guess what I found!!!! A teeny tiny red bull. It's mini and only 25 calories, so you don't have to drink the sugar free one that somehow tastes even worse than the regular one (yuck....but full of caffeine and that's what I need)!

It is only 2 ounces...

A double shot of caffeine is a great way to start the morning.

*** I just reread this and I have decided to lay off of the caffeine and take a nap. Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow.


  1. I can not drink red bull...UGH! I just can't get over the nasty taste! When I need a shot of caffeine, I go for the crystal light drink mix that you poor in the water bottle. They have a Strawberry Energy...I found out that it has 120 caff. vs. the 80 caff. of a red bull, well after I drank two because I liked the taste.

  2. Rayli......SLOWWWWW DOWN! btw - if i drink caffeine in the evening I cannot go to sleep - then I panic that I cant fall asleep and stress over having to get up in the morning to get the kids going and that makes it even harder to fall new resolution - caffeine in the morning only!!!! 2 cups with me as I walk out the door (of coffee that is) and I am good to go! oh - and thanks for always making me laugh!! ES

  3. You forgot to mention Glee. BEST SHOW EVER!!
    Also, loved the Wyoming episode it totaly made me want to live out west (or at least visit it!).
    Oh and Happy Birthday Alyssa. She got so big so fast.

  4. Totally make the brunch. It'll be fun.

    Have you watched Drop Dead Diva? AWESOME show!!!