Thursday, October 29, 2009

It Is Now Official......

I am running the half marathon! No turning back now. I signed up online and have committed to raising $3,600. I better get started.

Anyway, my friend told me that along with the running I am supposed to be doing sit ups and push ups every day. I can do about 200 hundred crunches, but sit ups? Oh my god. I have not done a real sit up in a looong time. I was able to do 30 last night. I am also used to doing push ups thanks to my friend Jillian Michaels, but I normally do the girly ones.... I did 40. Well, she told me to do as many as I can of each, but I'm a numbers girl. Give me an amount and I'll do it. No matter what. So I am waiting for her to email me back a number... I'm hoping it's not 3 digits.


Does anyone know what happened to the Eggo cinnamon toast waffles?

My kids live on them and they have suddenly disappeared from every store.

Emily has nothing to eat in the morning. She is sick of Crispix and pancakes and truthfully isn't really a big cereal kid. She is in desperate need of cinnamon toast waffles.

OK, so I just googled them to see where I can buy them and this is what the eggo website wrote back...

"Some of your eggo products are out of stock nationally. We are working hard to fix this short term issue. We're sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued support."

Short term? It's been a few weeks since I was able to buy them. Eggo, please work harder to make them faster. Stop making the barbie designed ones.... nobody likes those!


  1. There was some sort of problem in the Kelloggs plant and a ton of Eggo products have been out of stock for a while. It's amazing how we become dependent on these things!!

  2. I know the feeling about getting dependent on a certain item...There were NO grape nuts flakes on the shelves in the stores for weeks... My poor hubs... that was his only source of fiber. He got so plugged up.

  3. Hooray on your marathon decision! A few things . . . crunches are fine. The theory is that you want a strong core, which will help keep the rest of your body in alignment during the run. I would go for an amount of time rather than a specific number. So set your watch for five minutes and go! Also, the furniture polish smell gives the illusion of clean and dusted furniture( if no one looks too closely). I am so glad I am not alone on the occasional commando.

  4. I think some guy fell into a vat at the eggo plant, or his arm did...

  5. see you in miami!

    I need to do some crunches. My core is jello. Not even jelloified jello. More like the jello before it even becomes jell.

  6. What Jillian Michaels video do you use?
    Good luck with the running!