Thursday, October 1, 2009


My kids are no longer allowed to listen to the radio on the way to school in the morning. I would like to thank B96 for telling my kids that Kristen Cavallari did not sleep with John Mayer because she didn't want to be another notch on his belt. And that John Mayer said that he did not penis high five her. WTF???? I mean, I am trying to listen to music. With my kids. On our way to school. Again, WTF???

Will was like, "penis? Did they just say penis?"

Jessica and Emily were quietly laughing. I was like, "I mean, what does that even mean? That is gross. From now on we are only listening to ipods in the car." Sheesh. Can't a mom take her kids to school without hearing about celebrity sex lives? Thank God they weren't in the car during 103.5's "Ask the Bitch" hour. Radio conversation is NOT for kids!

So now that Will is thinking about how to give a penis high five, I will just go on with my day pretending it never happened....

Sometimes I wish I had a script so I would know what to say to my kids....


Now, onto something wholesome and pure....

We have started decorating our sukkah (outdoor hut that we eat in during the holiday of sukkot) today. I love building the sukkah, decorating the sukkah, I even love planning for company in our sukkah. But when it comes to eating in it.... I pray for rain. There is something about eating outside, with little tiny bugs flying around the lights, possible pieces of schach (the bamboo roof) falling into my hair and onto my plate. Yuck! Seriously, I am starting to get sick just thinking about it. But we are only at the decorating and preparing part, so I am happy as can be. We hung our plastic grapes today. We have little birdhouses that we have used in the past, but I'm kind of sick of them, so I'll only use them if the kids ask me too. We will hang the foam paper chain my kids made 3 years ago, each year adding on a few more foam links. It's kind of like decorating a christmas tree. In fact I even use those little Christmas lights! Love them! I will definitely take some pics when we are done. These pictures are of our sukkah so far.

Building the sukkah...

Will wants to sleep in the sukkah! (Is he really my kid?) So if the weather is nice, I will let the men (Jon and Will) rough it on air mattresses in the sukkah. I, of course, will be nice and warm, snug in my king sized bed.


  1. These pictures are great. I love them!

  2. I feel like im always writing the same comment on your blog.

    "You crack me up"

    but thats cuz you do!