Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Day

Late last night after an eventful day of waking up to a mess of toys I was too tired to clean up after Yom Kippur, remembering that the cleaning lady (Stella) was coming in half an hour, hustling to clean my house as fast as possible so she doesn't think I'm a messy person, make the kids' lunches, give them breakfast, get dressed, drive the kids to school, drop off the library book that was 3 months overdue (found it under the couch!).

I then got a latte from Starbuck's, took a shower, checked on my farm (farmville on facebook), wrote my blog, checked my emails, said tehillim (psalms) for little baby sara, got some plastic grapes from Michael's to hang in my Sukkah, picked up Alyssa from school, went on facebook (she was napping), waited for Will's carpool to come home, played 2 games of Moose In The House with Will, watched a few Scooby Doos with Alyssa and Will, greeted Jessica and Emily when they got home, made dinner, helped them with homework, tested Jessica on her math, corrected the punctuation on Emily's book report, ran out to Michael's again with Emily, watched the Biggest Loser, put the kids to bed, cleaned up the house, washed the dishes, went back on facebook....

I finally sat down with a tall glass of water in front of my computer to catch up on all my favorite blogs. I love reading blogs. I used to think it was weird to read someone's blog, but once you do it, you kinda get pulled in and you want to read it every day. I have about 12 that I read regularly. I'm sure there are a million more out there, and thanks to Mckmama I am finding out about them. But the one that made me laugh last night was 11 points. I think I wrote about it once before. I found this one pretty funny, so I'm gonna give you the link because I think that when you find a blog you like you are supposed to let more people in on it. So click here if you want to read it. After all, I didn't find it on my own. Someone posted a link to it on facebook. Oh how I love facebook.....


  1. i also love reading blogs. they're like a good book that never ends.

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  3. Sounds like part of my day... facebook, blog & digital scrapbooking... they all keep me on my computer late into night. I did post the recipe for the fondant on my blog. :) Have fun! You will like it way better than the store bought stuff!

  4. I have not tried the marshmallow fluff stuff, but I have been told that it does not work well at all. Also, butter or marg. should work fine, or veg oil...anything thing that is anti stick stuff :)

  5. I still think it's funny that people are awkward about reading blogs. That's what they are there for!! :)

    and I love that you "checked your farm" heh.