Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry For All The Rain...

I mean I said I was gonna pray for rain so I wouldn't have to eat in the sukkah (if you don't know what a sukkah is, here are some pics)

but this weekend was CRAZY! Way too much rain. We actually got to eat in our sukkah on saturday for lunch (my sister and family came over) and sunday for lunch (2 friends and their families came over). I decided that eating in the sukkah during the day is really nice when the weather is good. And this year I only did little christmas lights instead of the big florescent light and it totally helped with the annoying little bug nighttime situation!

Anyway, saturday was Emily's birthday! She is 9 years old!!!!! We had all the kids in the neighborhood over for a basketball birthday party (on our awesome court)! Of course it was drizzling/pouring, but the kids were having so much fun playing slammer, that they totally didn't care about the rain and we were out there playing till it was literally pouring on us! Then we went inside and dried off and had snacks and birthday cake. I made Emily an awesome, incredible birthday cake! Seriously, I totally impressed myself! But of course forgot to take a picture of it :( and since we cannot use cameras on shabbat, the only picture I have is of this little, mangled piece of cake that was left over. :(

It was six layers of rainbow colors. I got the idea from MckMama's post...

except mine was an 8 inch round cake and I iced it with white frosting and then covered it with fondant. I didn't make your recipe, Chell, I didn't have enough time. But it was covered in white fondant with a yellow strip around the bottom, and different sized pink, orange, purple and yellow polka dots all over it! It was sooo pretty! When I cut into it and all the kids saw the layers of rainbow cake they were like, "Oh my god! it's so pretty!" And if you know me, you know that those 6 words made my day!
After they ate, I made them all go upstairs while I set up a candy hunt. Basically I poured candy all over my house, gave them each a bag on the stairs and yelled "Go!" Then the house went insane with candy crazed kids collecting as much as they could! Emily was so happy.

Believe it or not, I still am planning another party for her and her friend for their school friends. I mean one party is never enough (insert sarcasm). But, luckily this next one will be at my friend's house. And you better believe that there will be a picture of the cake from that party posted!

Anyway, sunday we had some friends over and just after dessert, Emily came over to me and told me that someone threw the basketball at her thumb and she thought it was broken. It looked ok, but I gave her an ice pack and told her to sit with me in the sukkh till she felt better. Two minutes later Jon asked her if she was feeling ok, that she didn't look well. Emily said that she felt like she might throw up. She took one step out of the sukkah and fell flat on her face on my deck. It was so scary! I picked her up and she was totally passed out. My friend poured the pitcher of water on her face and she woke up. She was totally yellow.. her face, her lips, her tongue. She didn't talk for a little. She just wanted to lay in my arms. We called 911. I asked her to say a sentence. She said, "I am cool." Jon said, "She's cold." And I said, "No. I think she said that she's cool." So I asked her to repeat it, and very slowly she said "I am cool." And then I knew she was going to be ok. I think I even laughed a little. I asked her what she ate for lunch, what time she woke up (she always announces what time she wakes up in the morning) and she was able to answer the questions, just very slowly. She was very weak. The ambulance came and took all her vitals and said she was ok, that we should make an appointment with her doctor this week. Thank god, after resting on the couch for 40 minutes she felt much better and played with her good friends at our house in the afternoon. That was a frightening day! It's really scary to see your child faint and fall flat on their face. I hope to never see that again.

Thanks to my friends who watched this all happen and helped so much!

Anyway, all is good now. We have the week off of school and will hopefully do something fun today!


  1. THAT would have so freaked me out (the whole passing out thing) I am glad she recovered well. AND I so totally understand about the fondant. It takes a few tries to get it down to "an art" so it is not as messy or as time consuming. The rainbow is so totally awsome!

  2. What an awesome cake!
    How'd you get the colors so VIVID?