Thursday, September 17, 2009

(Not So) Deep Thoughts.....

Oh My God! Ali, you could have warned me that I'd need a box of tissues while watching Biggest Loser. Seriously, the woman who lost her husband, newborn baby, and 3 year old in a car crash..... The homeless girl with the heroine mom...... So sad! Jillian and Bob could have been a little nicer ya know? It was the first week. It's so funny when I watch that show with the kids. The biggest people look soooo big that when the 250 pounders get on the scale, Will thinks they are skinny. He finds the men with boobs absolutely hilarious, And when Jillian yells "move your ass" he thinks she's talking about their penis. Ha ha ha ha ha. He is hilarious to watch with!

Anyway, still contemplating the bunk bed.... thanks for all the comments.

I love when new people read my blog especially when I don't know them. I especially love when I love their blog too and a few others on their lists. So thanks to all of you!

OK, so I was up really late baking last night, and was watching all the stupid tv shows I would never normally watch like I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Pageant Moms, and Clean House. Actually I really like Clean House. Tonight there was a family on that I for sure know. Or at least have seen them somewhere before. So weird! The Shapiro Family... Bill and Rhonda and post college kids Andy, Julie and Jenny. Anyone know them? They looked so familiar.

Pageant Moms was totally ridiculous. And the not knowing you're pregnant? One lady had her baby in the toilet (2 1/2 pounds). Good thing she didn't flush! There is no way I could have ever gone 9 months without noticing my pregnant belly.

Yesterday Jessica's teacher told her that she should make a timeline of her life (she's 11). Due today. In hebrew. With pictures. Along with all the other homework her 7 other teachers gave her. Luckily Jessica only wanted to include a few very important memories.... like when she bashed her head into a rock wall at disneyland when she was 4. Too bad we couldn't figure out how to write that in hebrew... that was definitely an important moment in her life.
It is definitely not a very impressive timeline, but considering the amount of time she was given to do it, I think it will suffice.

Last but not least, I told the girls that they have to get rid of some things in the room because it was too cluttered. After straightening up a bit, and getting rid of a bunch of things, Jessica decided to rip her posters of Selena Gomez off her wall. Her side of the room looked so much less cluttered, so Emily ripped off her Demi Lovato poster and a certificate her teacher gave her last year. About 3 seconds after she threw it away, she burst into tears. I tried to calm her down, and just as I thought it was working I heard a big sob and lots more tears. I decided that it was time to go to bed and turned off the light. I mean it's just Demi Lovato. It's not like she ripped the Miley Cyrus or Nick Jonas ones off......

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  1. Ha! I thought that it was only my daughter who participated in the disney star drama. Ay- yi- yi! Sometimes I think I may not make it through the teenage years. :)