Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bye Bye Jeff (sniff)

Another season of Big Brother has come and gone...... And I could hardly contain my excitement because Jordan won!!!!!! Yay!!!!

I am also happy cuz Natalie didn't!

I think my favorite part of the finale was when Jeff (sigh) said, "Because of this outfit, I will not give Natalie a vote."

He was talking about this...

Her pimped out, queen of the trailer park look.

Jeff won America's Favorite Houseguest $25,000 prize. I only voted once. I swear. Maybe twice.

Let's take a moment to say goodbye to Jeff. We'll miss seeing you on tv.....

Hope these two go out in real life. They are cute together.

In other news.... Biggest Loser started last night! Didn't watch it yet because of the Big Brother finale, but will definitely watch it tonight.

And Survivor starts tomorrow! So excited!

What a busy week I'm having!


Back to my reality,

We tried to get Alyssa to sleep on a mattress in Will's room last night. Didn't work too well. She went to sleep in there, but ended up in our bed. I don't think this girl is ever gonna sleep in her own bed!

Alyssa cries when I drop her off at school now, but only for a minute. She loves to paint so she gets happy pretty fast.

I have to make 10 challahs today. And I am being a huge procrastinator.

Oh, thanks so much for all your comments about the bunk beds! Anonymous left me one, that is totally making me rethink the whole bunk bed thing, but Jon says it's the only way to go.

I guess I better start baking.........

P.S. I was a really bad mother today. I let Alyssa and Will eat cakesters for breakfast.My kids are obsessed with them. The big ones and the 100 calorie pack. Don't buy them for your kids. They'll ask you for them all day and night.


  1. I so lost interest in Big Brother this season...bah...Jeff was the only mildly interesting thing on it. BUT the biggest loser was SOOOOO good! definitely watch it!

  2. yay!!! i love biggest loser! i planned my whole day around watching it last night. pathetic, i know.

    and don't listen to anonym abt the bunk bed. she doesn't know what she's talkin about. my kids LOVE it, (specially the boys)