Monday, September 21, 2009

My Weekend

So Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, has come and gone. All the preparing, shopping, cooking, baking, shoe buying, clothes buying.... done. Well, the clothes buying and shoe buying is never done. It's like handbags, you never really need another one, but it's always fun to buy it anyway.

On friday I took my Mom to get our hair done. She looked like she was going to cry while it was happening. She is used to her hair being very curly, and I had the person straighten her hair with big curls at the bottoms. She looked amazing! I think she got used to it after a few hours and even started liking it! Everyone told her how amazing she looked, and I think it was the most perfect thing I could do for her to make her feel special after a week's worth of cooking for the holiday! It lasted the whole weekend. And as a woman, there is nothing better than knowing that your hair looks great!

We had a really nice time at my parents' house with my youngest sister, my younger sister and her family, and my parents and cousins. It definitely was a little crowded and a little noisy, but it was very nice and I totally enjoyed every minute of it. I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday (or weekend) too.

Oh, on sunday, we were really bored because it was raining, and for those of you that don't know, there is very little to do on a jewish holiday when you are stuck inside all day. Anyway, my sister (21) decided to let Jessica give her a makeover. She actually did pretty well. Well, except for the lip liner. Then my sister did Jessica and Emily's face in full makeup. Emily looked a bit like Jonbenet Ramsey. Jessica looked like she was 16. Pretty scary! They loved it though. They walked around in heels and stared at themselves in the mirror. The not so fun part was scrubbing it all off their faces before bed. I couldn't get all of it off, and Jessica went to school this morning looking like she had black eyeliner on ( I think she was secretly happy it didn't come off).

This morning I brought Will's old clothes to my sister in law's house for her baby (6 months). Took some clothes for Alyssa from her daughter (3), brought my sister some clothes for her 1 month old baby boy from the sister in law, and got more stuff for Alyssa from her daughter (almost 4). It's a great system we have.

Not so much going on here... just enjoying my nice quiet house for a little before all the kiddies come home.....

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