Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Other Woman

What do you all think about Jennifer Garner? I loved her as Sydney Bristow in Alias, thought she was great! Then the show ended, she married Ben Affleck, and when I saw her on a talk show could not believe how annoying and childish she was. Anyway, I havn't seen much of her lately until last night when she was on the Jay Leno show. Now, you should all know that Jon has the most humongous crush on her. Jon thinks she is just totally adorable. (Me and Jon never agree on anything.... not even which women are hot apparently.) Anyway, so Jennifer Garner was on Leno, so I watched it just for Jon... without telling him that it was just for him. Just for kicks. Well, Jessica came downstairs about five minutes into her interview and asked Jon to go upstairs with her (this is a frequent thing... she likes when he rubs her back at night). Now Jon always goes upstairs with her, but this time he was like, "Jessica why do you need me, just go to bed." Asked me to go up with her, which of course I told him that it was him that she wanted not me. I told Jessica, "Daddy loves Jennifer Garner and wants to watch her on tv." She giggled and he responded, "I can't believe you don't think she's cute. She's so cute. Especially her dimples." And then he went upstairs. Hahahahaha.

Sydney Bristow was hot.

Jennifer Garner... not so much.

Just my opinion.

She could be hot.... if she didn't speak or smile.

Although apparently a lot of guys are hot for her because as I was giving birth to Will (5 years ago), my doctor and Jon were talking about how hot she is in Alias. I'm sure Jon was just pretending to care about the episode they were talking about as his first and only son's head was crowning....

Ok, ok, enough about the other woman in my husband's life.....

Emily is turning 9 on october 3rd. She really wants to have a party, but can't decide what to do. If anyone has any fun suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks!


  1. You know, jennifer garner reminds me a little bit of you. maybe the hair... im not sure what. but maybe thats why jon likes her!! i hope that's not an insult. i think shes cute too.

    and i guess it's okay if you and your husband have different tastes in women....if you ever go to other side at least you wont be fighting over the same one.

  2. I have great taste, I picked you didnt I?

  3. Ok Rayli - totally agree on all the Jennifer Garner stuff - she was amazing in Alias....I was addicted to the show in fact I recall giving birth to one of my boys and thinking about wether they would move me to my room in time to watch Alias!!!! and then... she totally disappeared?!?!? whats up with that?
    BTW - regarding girls 9y/o Bday parties - cant really help you out on that one!
    How is the Bunk Bed decision coming along?

  4. ok- Alias was BC and now she is AC

    (that is Before Children and After Children)

    also, guys secretly like girls who can kick ass - she can no longer kick ass, Jon should move on.