Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Britney, B*@#%

Went to the britney concert last night. I wasn't really in the mood for it, but it was AWESOME! Seriously, loved it. I finally understand her song freak show. And if you ever go to her concert you will too. Her fans are all freaks! Well most of them, not me of course. This guy behind us was wearing tight (TIGHT, I mean like, I'm talking you don't need an imagination TIGHT) pants, with a jacket with tails (kinda what a clown at a circus would wear) orange wig, top hat. I'm talking freakier that freaky. Oh, and he had a goatee. And he was screaming, "I love you, Britney!!!" And he was dancing all sexy, or at least trying to. Of course we had to imitate him because it was all way too funny. And then I thought, what if they have a video camera scanning the audience and they caught us dancing freaky sexy, that would be very embarrassing. So I stopped and left the freakiness to the freak behind me.

Almost all the girls were wearing skin tight leather pants and a skimpy top. Some were wearing boas, Britney tees, and of course stilettos. Some were dressed in naughty police uniforms, circus outfits, wigs. I felt way too normal.

Anyway, it was very circusy. And they had people doing all sorts of stunts. Britney was cut in half while singing (well maybe singing, probably lip synching). They made her disappear. Oh and how can I forget about the lady (well, the half lady). Seriously, this was a bit tasteless... even for me. A lady came out in a wheel chair and was placed on a trampoline but when she is placed on it you see that she has absolutely no legs and is bouncing up and down. It was horrible and she looked like a bouncy ball with head and arms. SOOOOO glad my kids were not with me for that. But Britney did have really cool circus stunts like the hula hoop girl... awesome! And the balance beam stick thingy girl. Crazy good!. I know, I'm really good at describing things.

Then the show got a little raunchy for a while, but was really awesome. Best of all, she "sang" oops I did it again, toxic, and womanizer. I think she really did sing at least 2 songs. And her voice was actually really good.

Anyway, I had a really really great time! Thanks girlies for taking me! Let's do it again some time!


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