Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I visited a friend last night. Her five year old daughter was killed sunday evening. Run over by a car while riding her bike. She and her son were standing just a couple feet away. All the neighbors were there. Kids and adults. Killed. Right before their very eyes. Gone forever.

She is in a tremendous amount of pain. I mean, how could she not be. There are no words to say. No way to comfort someone in this kind of pain. When does it go away? How do you go on with life? She said it isn't real to her. That she can't really accept that she's gone. Not yet. She was only five. She had just started kindergarten. How unfair and cruel.

She asked me to give my own 5 year old son a hug from her. To tell him that she misses him... (she used to teach at his preschool). How strong she is... To not be angry or resentful towards me. To not be jealous that I still have my child when hers was taken from her. To still love him and feel comfort in seeing me. To not be so broken even though her life has shattered.

I hope God will be kind to her. I hope He makes her life a little easier. To give a little after taking so much. She deserves a little bit of easy. She has had so much hard in her life. She needs a little bit of joy. Something. Anything.


  1. Oy. There are no words. How will she go on?

  2. I just came from there, we hugged before I left and she said 4 shivering words,
    "Go hug your kids."

  3. She must be strong. You seem like such a good freind to her. We should all remember to hug our kids a little tighter. I have a teen age driver now, I can't imagine how that person feels either. So sad.