Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, it's not me monday again and you know how I feel about talking in the negative....

Last december I bought Will a Bakugan starter set for Chanukah. I never gave it to him because I think that Bakugan is stupid. He actually has asked me for a Bakugan at least once a month since last october. I finally gave him the stupid thing it yesterday since the husband promised to buy him one if he skated well at his hockey class.... They came home and I was all "look what we (meaning me) got you!!!!" I still think they are stupid. I don't care what every kid in the neighborhood says.
If you don't know what Bakugan is.... it's a little ball that opens up into an ugly thing when you throw it on the floor. Like I need more toys for my kids to throw on the floor!

On Shabbat I had to walk (can't drive on shabbat) my 8 year old to her friend's house at 6:30 p.m. for a sleepover party. It was a mile away. I decided to be nice yes, that does happen sometimes and take Alyssa with us in her stroller so the husband could have an easy night with Will. I also for some crazy reason decided to take Alyssa's friend Mia (18 months) because I was using my double stroller and had an extra seat. And cuz she's really cute!

When we got to the girl's house, I said goodbye to Emily but Alyssa wanted to get out of the stroller... she thought she was going too. Luckily my brother lives across the street so I decided to hang there for a little and let Mia and Alyssa play with my niece and nephew. When I decided it was time to go, I put them both in the stroller and started walking.... I got to the bike path and Alyssa started to lose it. She wanted OUT! So being the mom that gives into everything, I let her walk with me. She had so much fun running and walking on the bike path! Then Mia wanted to come out, so I took her out and she ran on the bike path with Alyssa. When I got to a major street I buckled them both in. I walked a few blocks and when I passed the park near Mia's house, learned a valuable lesson. LISTEN TO THESE WORDS OF WISDOM!


I will end the story there. And as I'm sure you can all guess. I did give in and take them to the park... but only for a few minutes.
(Josh, I know that you are freaking out that they were even awake at 8:00, but in my defense, Alyssa had a late nap.)

One more thing....
I went to Will's camp to pick him up on friday and guess who I drove past in the parking lot???? The guy from "The Fight!" He looked at me when I drove by him. I parked and started walking towards the door at the same time as him. He didn't say a word, but held both doors open for me. I took it as "Yeah, you're right. I was an asshole. I was in a crappy mood and took it out on you. No hard feelings right? I mean, what was I thinking? Let's have it out in the office? What kind of loser am I?"


  1. Where do u get the Baukagan crap?? It is stupid but my Tzvi would probably luv it too.
    I would never take someone else cranky pants kid w/ me on a long walk at that late hour, your just a little psychotic :)
    - Miss. S

  2. you are much nicer than me. My kids were all in bed at 7:30 on Shabbos.

    And my boys want those darned bakugen things...I keep telling them I don't know where to buy 'em :)

  3. Alyssa was one cranky one really.

  4. who starts a sleepover on shabbos, especially when inviting kids from another neighborhood?