Friday, July 17, 2009

Night Creatures

I was driving home from the grocery store at around 10:15 p.m. I was 3 houses away from my own house when this giant creature ran across the street and jumped into my neighbor's bushes.

Oh my freaking God!!!!!! Seriously, I almost decided to spend the rest of the night in my car, but then I realized I had just bought milk. And that it would be kind of strange to sleep in my car all night....

I was cursing myself out for buying 5 gallons of diet arizona iced tea, 2 gallons of milk, 1 gallon of chocolate milk, a 10 pound bag of flour, plus a million vegetables, berries, and of course a watermelon. I got out of the car, carried as much as I could into the house, and then hyperventilated for a second. Then ran back to the car and carried in the gallon of chocolate milk, 2 gallons of milk, watermelon, and 10 pound bag of flour. Admit it, you are impressed that I could carry that much at once.... I sure as hell was impressed. It's amazing what the fear of a giant raccoon (I think) can do to someone.


  1. So JB was chilling and watching you carry in the groceries? Nicely done.

    Also, it was probably a giant rabbit.

  2. see, this is one of those times that having a husband comes in really handy.
    and are one strong honey! three gallons, bag of flour and a watermelon? i would have totally been laughing at you if i had seen that. and then eventually i suppose i would have offered to help you too.....

  3. I never do anything.....ever, if i could have my kids asleep for the night by 530 like some other commentors than maybe id have some time to do stuff

  4. WTH are u gonna do w/ 5 gallons of Diet Arizona Iced Tea??? Do u use it to water your beautiful garden??
    Oooooooh, maybe the racoon will provide your neighbor w/ a lovely litter of baby racoons!
    That would top my kitties.

    - Miss. S.

  5. i was walking to someones house last week when i saw a skunk. then i was running to her house.