Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming Out Of The Closet...

I've been outed. By one of you people!!!!!

So I am coming out of the closet.....

No. I am not a lesbian.

I used to keep this blog kind of secret. I told certain people about it, kept it from others. Not because I didn't want them to read it, but because I didn't want to think about who was reading it when I was writing. I didn't want it to affect what I wrote.

Well, that is all in the past.....

My friend told me she overheard someone talking about it at the grocery store yesterday. I mean, I'm flattered but like WTF??? yesterday's wasn't even a good one! She asked me about it at her house in front of 3 other friends. I admitted to having a blog, but would not tell them the name of it.... I know, I'm a big baby.

Anyway, while sitting next to me, chatting away, my friend texted MY HUSBAND and asked what my blog address was!!!! Luckily, he knew not to tell and texted me that she was asking. Props to Jon for keeping my secret.

So I guess it's only a matter of time till they find out how to find me....

No offense guys... I'll get over it soon. I might hide out for a few days though.


  1. wow. you must have scary friends.

  2. You cant hide forever, Bit@#!

    - Miss S.

  3. Read and start cashing in...

  4. Shosh, they aren't scary. maybe I'm just a little more self-conscious in front of them.

    thanks Miss S. "don't tell people we are going to Britney Spears's concert"

  5. I wonder who these friends of yours are? Hmmmm.

  6. I totally "get you".
    I started my blog for myself and when it "took off", I had to be very careful that my style wouldn't change because of it (though some things inevitably do...).
    Now, over 2 years later, I still don't tell people I know about my blog or its address. They have to find it on their own ;)

  7. I TOTALLY know how you feel.