Friday, July 24, 2009

A Great Day....

I was driving through the Starbucks drive thru sipping my iced latte when I ran into a friend who had walked there. She was about to start walking on the bike path with her baby and stroller after she got her latte, so I decided to join her. I quickly drove home, changed, put Alyssa in her stroller, and ran to the bike path to meet her. We walked for almost a mile and then her baby started screaming. So she went to go feed him and I continued to walk. Alyssa was being really good in the stroller. Reading a book, sipping her Starbucks ice water... everything tastes better in a Starbucks cup. Anyway, I walked to the next major street and then turned around to walk home. Alyssa kept pointing to dandelions so I stopped and picked some for her. Truthfully my left calf has been killing me lately, so I kind of needed a break anyway. I continued along jogging, walking, jogging, walking, complaining about my leg to Alyssa..... When we were 3/4 mile from home, Alyssa started getting a little bored and kept trying to climb out of her stroller. So, since my leg was killing me, I decided to let her walk the rest of the way home. She picked flowers, pointed out all the garbage people left on the ground, and walked on the yellow lines. She really liked picking flowers, and I felt that liking flowers was a good thing to encourage, so I helped her and we made a beautiful bouquet which we put in her cup of water....

Now I have pretty flowers for Shabbat! Thanks Alyssa! :)

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  1. i think thats the best bouquet ive seen all week