Monday, July 27, 2009

My weekend..... And Jeff (...sigh)

I had a really nice weekend. I took Jessica and Emily for mani/pedis on friday, got together with friends on shabbat, and let my kids make a "carnival" for themselves in my front yard saturday afternoon.

Sunday we went blueberry picking! It was a bit of a drive, 1 1/2 hours each way, but we all had a lot of fun! We brought home 6 1/2 pounds of yummy, sweet, beautiful berries!

Um.... did I get implants while I was there?????

Emily wants to have a bake sale, so I'll be busy baking some blueberry muffins and a blueberry tart... I might throw in some chocolate chip cookies and Will's favorite rainbow cake. So, if anyone wants to stop by for a snack.... you know where to find us. Well some of you do :)

And now a bit of chit chat about Big Brother....

I normally don't like the dumb person on Big Brother, but there is something charming about Jordan. I love watching her and Jeff hang out. They are just so cute together. Last week Jordan admitted that she can't tell time on a non-digital clock. Jeff kept trying to help her understand what a quarter to eight was.... She still couldn't get it, and it was hilarious to watch... hahahahaha. But there is just something so sweet and innocent about her. Maybe it's the southern accent. Or maybe I have it all wrong and I'm really obsessed with Jeff because he's such a cutie and so nice and she just happens to be with him a lot. Whatever it is, they are my favorites on Big Brother. I don't like Lydia anymore! And Russell is a total jerk. I might even start liking Jessie if he doesn't turn into a jerk this week (he's head of household).


  1. omg. how dumb is jordan!!!! you just made me feel super smart today. thanx!!! and apparently blueberries are the natural boob enhancer! you could make a fortune!!!! wow. i think i overdid it on the exclamation marks today.

  2. First - I need some muffins - do you deliver?

    Second - Ha - to the implants!

    Third - I do not watch that show, but I did see this clip on "The Soup", and she makes other blondes look smarter...