Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Basketball Court..... maybe

So, the hubby and I decided that we need a basketball court in our backyard. I was almost as excited as the kids!!! We (me and the kids) have been wanting one for a long time. I got it all priced out... we were all ready to go. Then the guy who was going to do it (Angelo) asked me for our Plat of Survey. Hmm... yeah, where is that thing? I looked everywhere. We keep all the "house" stuff in one folder and it just wasn't there. Angelo took a set of plans we had written up 7 years ago when we thought we were going to do an addition to our house. It had a small image of our Plat of Survey on it.... maybe that would be good enough to get a permit so they could start working. Of course it wasn't. I went to Town Hall to get a copy of it. Guess what? They don't have one. So I went to meet with the head inspector to figure out what my options were. While I waited for her, I saw an information sheet that listed all the reasons one would need a permit. I must live in the most strict neighborhood there is. And truthfully I probably "needed" a permit about ten times already.

This is the list:


all electrical and plumbing work
air conditioning and heating work
lawn sprinkler systems
hot water heaters
dog runs
driveways and sidewalks
garages and sheds
replacement windows and doors
gutters and downspouts
alarm systems


painting (oh really, thanks. i can paint my house without your permission.)
changing ceiling tiles
carpeting or floor tiles
installing hardwood floors
changing cabinet faces, counter tops
changing existing light fixtures
normal installation of household appliances

That is totally ridiculous! They want us to pay $60-$250 to do these things. There might be 8 things I did without a permit, unless you work for these crooks people. Then I of course had a permit each time. I mean, I'm surprised they don't charge us to change a freaking light bulb!

Anyway, the first person told me that I could hire a surveyor to make me a new Plat of Survey for $300-$400. Umm... yeah, no thanks. The second person, who was in love with Alyssa, told me to call this other guy and see what he can do for me. Yeah, well he was very nice when we spoke, but hasn't called me back all week! I call him everyday now. Either we'll be best friends or he'll have me killed one of these days. I figure if I keep leaving him messages he'll have to call back eventually.... right? Just say yes so I'll feel better......


  1. " Either we'll be best friends or he'll have me killed one of these days."

    but I'm a firm believer that people will help you out if you make a big enough pest of yourself just so that they can get you off their backs!
    Keep it up and good luck.

  2. I went through this hell when I built my Deck, and on top of it I live in an association, so they are strict about permits. But one thing I know, you can always find THE guy who will build the court without a permit. Good luck. (can I come play when it's built?)

  3. Buliding a b-ball court has become a dream of ours for a while now. Even without having 2 boys in our house who would for sure be using it. You know me, I'd be using it too!
    Just dont know if it'll happen for us, but if yours works out.....we r fee to come over anytime!
    - Miss S.

  4. what the heck is a Plat of Survey???

  5. Thanks for list from Lincolnwood....We have done soooooo many illegal things, oops.