Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 2nd Most Dreaded Day Of The Year

Today is Tisha B'av.... the 2nd most dreaded day of the year (the first being Yom Kippur). No eating, no drinking, no wearing leather shoes, no makeup or lotion, no sex..... could they possibly think of any more ways to torture us???

Whatever, so far it's all good. I'm babysitting for my niece and nephew for a little while and then we are off to do something fun... not sure what. Maybe bowling, maybe chucky cheese, if only the exploratorium were open... that's a good, easy one. Oh well, I have time to think about it. We have all day to do nothing but count down till it's over. Admit it you all do it too. You look at the time and you aren't thinking, "Oh, it's 12:00" you are really thinking, "8 hours 53 minutes till it's over."

I just noticed that I never finished this blog...

There was a knock on my door around 12:30. It was the police! Apparently before Alyssa threw the phone at my nephew's head, she called 911. Oops.
Well, after that incident, my kids and I snuck into my neighbor's backyard to jump on her trampoline and eat popsicles... not at the same time in case you are reading this, Aliza.

Then we went to chucky cheese. Now it's 3:18 and the headache is starting to set in. I'll end it here. Have an easy fast, those of you who are fasting out there......


  1. K, well now its 4:24......counting down 4 hrs 32 min, if my math is correct. AT least, I can sit on a comp and FB or comment on your BLOG, as opposed to YK..where Im stuck in shul w/ ppl I really rather not be sitting so close to...bad BO. Good luck w/ the rest of your fast!!
    - Miss S.

  2. haha. that alyssa. im wasting the time away by cooking for shabbos, b/c i know ill feel way too sick later tonight to do it.

  3. I just his in my room today. When I came out, my kids were still alive, so all is good.