Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just A Question....

The other night, my kids had a bake sale.

They made $24.14 selling

and cups of fresh blueberries.

It went kind of late because friends and family came over and stayed a while. When we were cleaning up, a friend walked by with her husband and kids and asked if she could use our bathroom. She lived kind of far and was walking home, and desperately needed to go. Anyway, I saw her the next day and she said that if I wasn't home she would probably have just peed on the side of the bike path because it was dark (9 pm) and she really needed to go. This reminded me of something I needed to ask all of you.

Don't judge me, this is just a question.....

Let's just say you decided to go blueberry picking with your family one sunday. And on the way there you and your daughter drank a water bottle. And when you were almost there, you both had to pee. And you didn't want to stop because you were meeting 7 or 8 other families there and didn't want to be the last ones. And when you get there you ask where the bathroom is and are told that there are 2 porto-potties at the back of the parking lot. And you go take a look because even though you would never use one yourself, you might try to convince your 8 year old that it's the only toilet and she has to use it. But when you open the door and almost throw up and see nastiness you won't even let your daughter go near (which by the way kudos to her she said "no way"... that's my girl) , and your daughter is telling you she can't wait much longer....

What do you do?????

What if you walked a little bit behind the house that was there, and see no one is home. And that there is a small pine tree that is just out of sight of all your friends and all the other people there.
What if it looked kind of like this one. Maybe a little wider and a little taller.

And maybe this little pine tree was calling out to you because it was just there. only one. And let's just say that you tell your daughter to quickly take off her clothes and pee. And while she's doing that some guy calls out to you from 20 feet away and says "Hey, miss. You shouldn't be back there." But you just look straight ahead and tell her it's ok.

When she is finished, would you take your turn and pee behind this little hidden tree, which obviously isn't too hidden? What if you are wearing a little jean skirt and didn't have to take anything off? Just some quick wardrobe maneuvering? What if the man walked away and you knew there was at least 30 seconds before he could possibly come back? Would you do it?

Just a question....

*Ali, I know you won't judge, I remember your coffee cup at the border story.


  1. rayli, i have a newfound respect for you.

  2. totally pee.
    that once happened to umm...someone i the beach/park. so this person walked away from the group (it was at night and dark) and found a secluded spot to "do her/his bunsiness" and while doing it, some guy jogs by b/c apparently said person sat RIGHT NEXT TO A BIKE PATH!!!!!!
    memories. to be a stupid teenager again.

  3. as the saying goes, "when you gotta to go......"

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh, memories of March of the Living loooong a$$ bus rides, when the driver would pull over to a forest and tell us to fertilize the wildlife.
    All I saw were white tushes everywhere. Couldnt get any privacy, dammit!!

    - Miss S.

  5. You can't hold in what you can't hold in your hands. Avi's grandmother used to say that. What would you do, wait till you would explode!?