Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank God For Friday

I am so happy today is friday. This has felt like the longest week in the world! Especially since yesterday's fast felt like a week in itself. I am actually looking forward to cooking a little today...

There are 2 things I love to make for Shabbat. Challah and chocolate chip cookies.

Seriously, if anyone ever wants to do a food swap, I'm your girl. I actually have a little swap thing going with my MIL. I make her 2 challahs every week in exchange for a few pieces of shnitzel (breaded chicken, fried) for my kids. But my kids were getting kinda bored of the shnitzel so I sometimes just make them challah. Anyway, anyone ever want to swap any shabbat food... give me a call. I'm not really in the mood to wash dishes so I think I'll just grill anything else I make for Shabbat.... I love grilling. Whoever invented the grill is a genius.... food tastes good and no pots or dishes to wash. What can be better?


I was leaving the grocery store the other day, and a guy stopped to tell me that he loves my car. He wanted details about it and I gladly gave them because I love my car too. He said I have a sweet SUV.... and then the dreaded question... "Can you tell me how much a car like that costs?"
Ummmm.... AWKWARD. I got on the defensive. "Well my father in law worked for FORD so I got a really good deal... I mean it was so good, it was better than what the dealers get. And like it was the auto show so we also got $1000 cash back and a year of free financing....." And, he was all like "Yeah, but like if I was interested in buying this car how much would it cost?" And I was so embarrassed to say it out loud so I said, " You know, I really am not sure because I didn't pay this much, but like probably around $50,000. But nobody really wants SUVs these days, you could probably get a great price" And he responded, "Oh, because of the Obama thing?" And I'm like shit! What Obama thing? I have no idea what he's talking about. I really gotta read the newspaper and watch the news more often. But I simply said, "Oh, I just meant gas is really expensive these days. And apparently I am an idiot and know nothing about what's going on in this world." I think they were giving tax refunds if you buy a new car? Is that what he was talking about? Am I totally making this up?

Anyway, today is friday, and I get to hang with my friends and my family, and eat yummy food, and possibly read a newspaper or two.


  1. You never cease to crack me up. Sorry about the end of that phone call last night. T took the phone hostage and wouldn't give it back.

    And I have no idea what the Obama thing is either. The newspaper is overrated.

  2. My kids are in Rayli withdrawal(sp?)! maybe we'll see u on Shabbos. Also your challah's look AMAZING. I'll swap babysitting Alyssa for a Challah, and some grilled food. Deal?!

  3. Rayli withdrawal= Raydrawal

  4. 4500 dollars for your clunker is the deal... I am keeping my clunker.

  5. Hi! Just wanted to share my website with you! I will be donating a portion of all sales to String of pearls! I hope youll check it out and get some cute stuff for your cute girls! :)

  6. Hi, your chocolate chip cookies look delicious, would you mind sharing the recipe? Thanks!