Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

O.K. Here I go... trying to do a Not Me Monday once again.

I did not turn my heat on in my house on thursday JUNE 4 ...! I definitely did not switch it to a/c the very next day... leaving it on for the weekend, which of course was freezing. And, then turn it off saturday night. This weather sucks!

I did not try to compete with a friend's blog spend as little as possible on fruits and veggies last week. I did not spread it out on the table and take a picture of the groceries to write a brag blog about it. I did not ask my husband to guess how much I spent on those things when he came home from work. He definitely did not guess 5 dollars under what I really spent therefore causing me to totally trash my brag blog....

I did not find out that there was swine flu in my kids school. My daughter was not scared of catching it and definitely did not ask me 5 times if she could stay home. I did not run out to the store, buy her a bottle of purel, and tell her "you're going!"

I did not wait an extra 20 minutes on friday (at 6 o'clock , when I wasn't even ready for shabbos) to get my hair blown by my favorite (Jackie) at Albert Memi when two other people offered to do it for me.

I did not spend my whole morning try my hardest to get out of tenth place on bejeweled blitz... And, I most definitely did not force my kids to play when I wasn't succeeding.... I did not get annoyed with Jessica for playing on Jon's facebook page and beating my score.

I did not go to my nephew's birthday party on sunday and watch my sister hold a pinata and get trampled by 25 seven year old boys when the candy started falling out. I did not almost fall on the floor laughing when it took her a couple minutes to get out from under them!

I did not let my baby (19 month old) cry in her crib for the first time ever last night... I did not go upstairs after 20 minutes of crazy screaming to find that I had literally scared the crap out of her by leaving her alone for so long. I did not feel so awful that I laid down in bed with her till she calmed down and fell asleep.

I did not just find out that my friend is having a Bar Mitzvah weekend at a hotel in September... and my kids aren't invited. I did not start to sweat at the thought of having to leave my kids for the whole weekend!!!! I did not see the tiny smile on Jon's face when I told him. (Read this if you don't understand why I'm freaking out.)

I did not almost delete this whole post because I hate talking in the negative.

How do you feel about Not Me Mondays?


  1. I did the same thing with my heat and air - I even put the ac back on last night because i was so hot and just changed to heat this a.m. It really is not so bad leaving kids, do it for Jon.

  2. Not Me's confuse the Sh*t outta me, Im blond, so its hurts my brain a little. Anyhu, laughed out loud on ur sis being trampled at the b-day party....classic.
    I get the idea of Purel, keeping germs away from ur hands and all, but if swine is invading HT, I'd be a little freaked out!!
    I never let my kids cry for more than 10 min, I can't take it.
    - Miss S.

  3. too confusing. heh.
    my brain is fried from trying to read that! haha!

  4. rayli!!!! leave your kids for the weekend and go away!!!! by yourself!!!! it's wonderful! i highly recommend it and they will not be scarred for life or ruined by being apart from you for a few days (i'm sorry, but it's true.)
    that's all. now i have to go figure out what to do with my kids for the next freakin three weeks!!!!


  6. So I've crawled in a crib with my crying babies before too...still do! I have such a hard time teaching them to sleep at night--and they know it!!