Friday, June 5, 2009

Get A Bucket...

What do you think this is?

A fish bowl that hasn't been cleaned in a while?

Looks like it.

But, if you take another look...

You will know that it is a water bottle with chewed up pieces of pretzel and major backwash floating around in it.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm showing you a picture of someone's majorly backwashed, disgusting, vomitrocious water bottle...

I'll tell you.

When I came home from the Kohl Museum the other day, a certain friend was walking by with her kids. And a certain kid was drinking from the pictured water bottle. And she left this water bottle open on her stroller. And apparently Alyssa was really thirsty and


Oh.My.God. I almost threw up right then and there.


  1. i will repeat.
    you are crazy!

  2. That is pretty nasty. I think you have just now made me a germy! Thanks!

    - Miss. S

  3. Oh it's not that bad! And I think it was a cracker, not a pretzel!

  4. um. i won't tell you about the time I drank from a water bottle without realizing that my toddler had been drinking from it, after she'd backwashed cashews into it.

    are you barfing now?