Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun For Free

After reading a blog yesterday morning,
I decided that I was going to take my kids
somewhere fun without spending a lot money. After dropping the girls and Will off at school, I took Alyssa to the library. She sat at the legos table with another girl, played on the computers, climbed on their new safari exhibit, and hit only one kid (so proud).

Then I took her home for a nap, straightened up the house a little, I stress the little, beat my old high score on bejeweled blitz, read a few emails, and when it was time to pick up Will... woke up Alyssa, grabbed some lunch for her, picked up Will and went to the kohl Museum. They had so much fun and it didn't cost me a penny ( I have a membership)... yay me! Here are some pics from our day....

(Alyssa was very hands's a good thing no other kids were in there...)

She loved this bubble thing.

Will made me a sandwich at the pretend Potbelly's...

Alyssa eyed my sandwich...

made sure no one was looking...

and actually took a bite of the rubber tomato!!! The picture came out too blurry...otherwise I would have posted her hilarious reaction!

Alyssa telling us her peg tower is "big"... (new word)!

Will... getting competitive...

And yes Alyssa did ruin this wonderful design he made. And yes he did push her on the floor as hard as he could. That's how I knew it was time to go...

I drove home in some annoying traffic, grilled dinner, and went to Jessica's mishkan fair at school (if you don't know what that is... sorry, not explaining). She and 3 others had made an awesome mizbaoch hazahav (still not explaining), and for once I had not done it for them! (maybe a little direction here and there, but you know that doesn't count).

We came home to a quiet house at 8, thanks to the husband for getting the little 2 to sleep nice and early... so I decided the girls could have a late night with us...

I was playing bejeweled blitz on facebook (I had to because Jessica was playing on Jon's facebook and beat my score!!!!!), when i heard some crazy explosive laughter coming from the other room. I went into the family room to see Jon, Jessica, and Emily belly laughing while watching America's Funniest Home Videos, not the Bob Saget one, I think it's Tom Bergeron or something? Anyway, I decided to put facebook on hold and watch it with them. I am not really the laugh out loud kinda girl.... maybe a quiet giggle or a big smile. Jon and my kids are total laugh out loud people. I took a video of them so you could see for yourself....

O.K. understand that they were laughing a million times harder and Jon was laughing with them. I mean it did pull me away from facebook.


  1. those laughing videos are awesome!~

  2. 1. Thanks to these blogs it has become trendy to be "careful" with money. I'm loving it.

    2. Not explaining "mishkan"--genius! Although I never had to do that at HT.

    3. I've never seen kids laugh as quietly as those videos. And was JB really laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos?

  3. Jonathan will laugh at anything like Wipeout, America's Funniest Home Videos, or Bloopers. He's easy that way.

    Great post.

  4. I love the new AFV. And I totally laugh out lous when I watch them, but it's always way funnier when you have someone else to watch it with. Especially when they show babies doing ANYthing!
    and Emily has the cutest laugh.