Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GO..... ME!

Guess what? I finally "started" something!

Last night was my niece's 8th grade graduation.

*Shaindy, I think that's your MIL and Leeby in the background!

It was at Bais Yaakov (very religious school). I came in as it was starting.... it was separate seating.... men on the left side, women on the right. So as I walked into the room from the left, I saw that on the women's side every seat was taken... Women were standing wherever they could find room. The men's side on the other hand was half empty. The last 8 rows...totally empty except for one or two men. I asked a kid if anyone was sitting there.... wondering why it was totally empty. And that's when my younger sisters burst into laughter "hahahaha Rayli... didn't you notice the separate seating." Well I sat down in the back row on the edge of the bench... and sure enough 5 minutes later, the "men's side" looked like this:

Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm feeling a bit like Rosa Parks right about now. I wanted to sit there and I sat there. And suddenly all the women had the courage to sit on the "men's side"........ hahaha... so happy my brother doesn't read this.

Oh and who knew they don't really do the woo hoo and cheer loudly when they call out the name of the person getting their diploma.....


I felt very accomplished yesterday.

I cleaned my messy basement (I hate basements and hardly ever go down there), and let Alyssa play down there for a while...

Found a way to get Alyssa to sit still for a few minutes. 2 words... Scooby Doo.

It's amazing! She is the most active child in the whole world but when you turn on Scooby Doo.... snap... instant Scooby Coma. That my friend, is a good thing. 25 minutes of chill time for me.

Took Will and Alyssa to Chuckie Cheese.....

Will beat a girl at air hockey twice. Alyssa scared a boy to tears (I was kinda laughing on the inside though... he was a good foot taller than her and at least 3 years old and seriously terrified of her.) I wish I knew what she did to him. I felt kinda bad but the mom couldn't believe that he could be scared of a little, sweet, adorable, monster 19 month old.

Don't even say the words choking hazard.
I know.
But she LOVES it!
How can I say no to that face :)


  1. GOOD FOR YOU RAYLI. I went to that school. This also happens on separate busses in israel and monsey. All these empty seats on mens side and women standing - only in Israel women have sat down in mens seats and gotten beaten up for it.

    Go Rosa, i mean - Rayli.

  2. Seriously, I wonder what Alyssa did to traumatize that boy! Maybe she sat on him with her cute chubby tush!
    I think you see more of my family then I do!
    I luv it how u go from BY graduation to Chucky Cheese....
    - MIss S.

  3. haha, cannot believe that you got that to turn into a semi-mixed section. impressive

  4. You are a good blogger, whats up with the Trojan ad - are they trying to tell you to stop having cute bully kids?

  5. Rayli, you are awesome!!! No BY mom would ever have had the guts to "cross over" had you not done it first!!! I'm so proud! (and I hate sep seating)

  6. rosa parks. ha.
    separate seating makes me stabby. heh.

  7. rayli - your days are so busy!!!!!! i just read through your blog for the first time since the first time.. first of all, you are hysterical. but, how do you find the time to do all this???? I'm feeling really lame for being exhausted by one 6 month old....