Thursday, May 21, 2009

The List

Husband told me that the guys at work thought I was being a little too nice to him on my blog. They were expecting a little more sarcasm and less niceties... Well Bob, this blog's for you.

When Jon and I were dating, a million years ago, he had this list. The list of things he "started." Things that weren't popular till he did them, fashion trends he started (yeah, I know...), musicians he discovered first.... Of course he didn't really start all these things, but it made him happy to think so, so I went along with it. Bear with me because it's been a really long time since I thought about....

The List Of Things Jon Started:

1. corduroy baseball hats (I know. who wants em... but apparently popular at some point in time)

2. girbaud jeans...

3. SUVs... apparently Jon was the first person to own one. Chevy Blazer. 1994. He owned it, I drove it.

4. Tel Aviv Deep Dish Pizza*... Jon discovered this tasty (or nasty- you choose) pizza, along with...
*did you click on it? see the rating? read the review?

5. Tel Aviv Fried Cauliflower... and shared it with all of Chicago.

6. John Mayer... This one may actually be true. and not only did he "start" John Mayer he actually was his groupie, and went to 3 concerts in one year... The milwaukee air conditioning.

And more recently:

7. IPODs... Jon had the original ipod... a $500 gift from his boss. Jon introduced them to the world.

8. facebook... he claims he was on way before anyone else.... I'm not kidding.

9. twitter... I know. ridiculous.

I'm sure there are a few of you out there that think you "started" something.... feel free to make your list in the comments...

Especially you J-Rose. Let's hear your list.... I know you think you were the one who made Pearl Jam cool...


  1. This is fantastic. Isn't there more?

  2. I have tears in my eyes, you are funny. But I thought I discovered the SUV

  3. Yes, he started the ipod craze. uh huh. nice blog!

  4. Ok....My dad totally started the SUV thing,...we had a Jeep Grand Cherokee when I was a Sophmore in High School and NOONE else I knew had there. And the fried cauliflour????? Jerusalem's had those for forever-ask any Hanna Sacks girl. We were there every other day for lunch!!!! Sorry Jon. (By the'd he get all those millions of pple to join facebook after he discovered it?)

  5. First of all this was a great post. Jon started Fried Califlower? Hahahaha. The girls from the Girls School used to take baths in the grease from the stuff before Jon was born.

    I have started many things, but off the top of my head:

    1. Joshua Radin--just wait, in a year he will be the most popular singer in America

    2. Pearl Jam--I wouldn't say I started them, but I was at the famous Chicago Stadium show in 1994--still among my best concert experiences ever. Right Naomi??

    3. I started the rumor Jodi Sweetin was dead. You know, the girl from Full House. Actually my brother started it but I made it popular.

    4. Brady Bunch--I had the idea for that movie parody way before it came out. Just ask Deborah.

    5. Running. This is some new craze for the young bloggers (and for the record I do not read any of the blogs, besides for Shosh's...shhhh) but I started running in 1995. Actually the first time I went running was at the JCC, and on the treadmill next to me was David Draiman. He was listening to something in his headphones so I asked him if I could hear it, and he said it was a demo of this new band he was in. I told him I thought it sucked and he would never make it. It was a joke, but still.....That is a true story.

  6. i hope and pray with all my heart that you just found that photo of the girbaud jeans on the internet and that he doesn't still own them. hahah.

    i invented nothing, but i WAS listening to Kings of Leon before anyone else had ever heard of them. so that counts, right?


  8. Just looking through this - thanks Josh for the brady bunch reference... yes, I back you up on that one! :)