Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Magic

About 3 years ago I read an article that said that bath time is a magical time for kids. It said that it is the best way for dads to bond with their children. Around that time the house was getting a little hectic with 3 kids anyway, so I told my hubby about this article. That is how bath time became Jon's job. :)

The girls are easy... they shower, can totally take care of themselves. But the littler ones.... not always so fun. There's the splashing, and the whining "you got water in my eye" when you're really thinking "what is the big deal? it's water!" You wash them up, let them play a while, take them out... it's not really that big of a deal. But yet doing it every. single. night....

Last night I decided to stay home and not go to Will's baseball game. We had been at the park all day, so when Jon took Will and the big girls to baseball I decided to give Alyssa a bath. I let her sit in the tub while I ran the water because she loves to play with the falling water. I gave her lots of bath toys... letters, duckies, piggies, and frogs. She went swimming, we sang songs, we lined up her animals... she was all smiles! I think she was in there for 35 minutes, and I just sat there watching her. I havn't heard her giggle that much in a while....

I definitely saw the magic.


  1. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    Tooo bad that dinner time can't be magic...!
    - Miss. S.

  2. This is too sweet! and I totally know what you mean. Sometimes bathtime is sweet and special, but sometimes just a pain in the ARSSSS

  3. Awesome pictures!!!! When I was pregnant with Benny it was hard for me to bathe the kids, so Eric took over....and never stopped! It is totally his job!! I sometimes wonder if he's doing a thorough job of washing them, but then I figure, "Hey..he's doin the's good enough...."