Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where's Tova? / A Visit To Costco

Every morning after I drop off Will, Alyssa and I hang out in the baby gym (or if it's nice out the playground) with some friends of hers and their moms. These kids are Alyssa's best friends. She knows them by name, she hugs (and sometimes hits) them when she sees them, she plays with them every single day.

Today we got to school and there was no one in sight. We checked the park and the baby gym. No one was around. I mean like what could possibly be more important than hanging out with Alyssa. Alyssa was so sad. She wanted to play in the park anyway, so I took her outside. She looked around at the empty park and then ran over to the swing.... I asked her "Where's Tova?" and Alyssa did this:

and then this:

A few minutes later Tova called my cell phone (really) and made plans to play with Alyssa after school. Well, it was translated by the mom. But she did say: Hi Wee-Wee (that's me).


A Visit To Costco:

I went to Costco yesterday afternoon. I am pretty new to Costco... just joined a few weeks ago. I used to be a Sam's Club girl... needed a change.

Anyway, I went there yesterday afternoon to get a few things. The guy was putting out the strawberries and I walked over picked up one container, turned it over and said, "ew. don't want this one." And the guy said "why, is it growing something nasty?" And I'm like, "yeah, there's one with mold on the bottom." And he said "oh. give it to me. we can't sell that." Now you know how big the containers of strawberries from Costco are, so I was like, "you can't sell it cuz of one moldy strawberry at the bottom?" And he's like, "no. we don't want anyone getting sick." And I'm like, "but you wouldn't just take that one out?" And he's like, "no. we can't take any chances..."

So I proceeded to pick up container after container each one having one strawberry with a little something growing on it, and kept passing them to the guy. I said, "you are really not gonna sell any of these? cuz like some people don't look and would buy them."

I think we went through a few cases until we finally found a few without a single moldy strawberry. The stack of moldy non-usable strawberries was higher than the stack of good strawberries. I was actually really impressed that they were being so good about it.

I reached over and grabbed a container of blueberries and noticed it had a moldy one on top. I put it back down and said to the guy, " you know, you might wanna toss all of these too." He didn't smile.


  1. Hmmmmm, I wonder if Sams club woulda thrown out all those strawberries for on moldy strawberry?
    I am such a Sams Club girl, dont now if I would have the mental strength to switch, unless they did something to really piss me off.

  2. ohh, Rayli, that anonymous was me....Miss S.

  3. ok...i totally would have said to the guy...umm..if youre going to throw them away...then can i just have them all for free??

  4. I bet as soon as you left, he added them all back to the sell pile!