Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Weekend

So I have been busy moving our computers around. Jon and I moved my old computer upstairs to Will's room (so he can play cd roms... actually a great move. the kids love it!).

Jon's computer is now at my old desk, and has become the family computer (Jon has his own laptop).

And my computer (yay!) is set up in Jon's office armoire, which has now become my own personal space...for all my important blogging and facebooking :) Jon hooked us up with a router...props to Jon... and now we are just about ready to go....

*so Alyssa can't get to it :)

Jessica invited her friends over to work on a school project sunday morning. Unfortunately, she did not tell me what they needed to build it. So when the kids came over and had nothing to do I decided that we would go shopping for the supplies together. Jessica decided that we should take Jon's car.

instead of mine.

So imagine my embarrassment when we come back home in Jon's convertible with the top down, music on, a bag of craft supplies, but nothing actually accomplished at the same time as the parents picking them up....

I told them that they did a lot of planning and would probably only need one more hour to finish up... very responsible. i know.
Well, i did teach them all about driving a stick shift...they were really interested in that.

I went into my backyard and noticed that my tomato plants weren't getting enough sun, so I took out my favorite tool in the whole's so fun. you should all get one...a hedge trimmer.

The not so fun part... it makes a really big mess and i don't like to clean it up.

I kinda just put it in a big pile and decided to let the landscapers deal with it.

But now my tomato plants are in full sun...

Alyssa modeled her new bathing suits for us:

ate a tube of tooth paste....

and had a snack with a friend. gross. i know.

Took the kids shopping (cuz they were acting insane while Jon was trying to watch hockey), got them ice cream, and played on the dragon....

And then the best part of all...... Survivor Finale! Jessica, Emily, Will (for a little) and I watched JT win the million bucks! ( JT looked sooo much better dirty. It always amazes me how much better they look all dirty than all dolled up at the finale. Actually Taj and Debbie looked pretty good. Oh and Sierra looks a lot like Kate Hudson. Coach, crazy as ever! I didn't even understand his question when he was addressing JT and Stephen).

It was a great day!

.......until a little before midnight when Alyssa decided that instead of sleeping she wanted to cry all night.

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  1. Holy crap, Rayli.....must have taken u all night to post all those pics..! Cute tho...
    Was Jon in a pissy mood cuz the Hawks lost??
    Like the little swimsuit model!
    Jessica's friends must luv car to ride around in!!
    - Miss S.