Friday, May 15, 2009

Missing The Target

I just got back from Target, the store I used to love before I had my 4th child. I dread going to Target, don't get mad ali. Yes, it is amazing to get just about everything you need for your house at one store. Yes, it is fun to see everyone you know while doing annoying errands. BUT, when you have an 18 month old that does not want to stay in the shopping cart, opens up a bag of mini chips ahoy cookies and pretzels that you never intended to buy, it can be a little annoying... especially when she still wants to open the box of Kashi crackers...

How about when you stop to talk to a friend, and as your daughter tries to climb out of the shopping cart, you notice her diaper is starting to leak a little (even though its not even that full- i swear). So you actually lay her down in the middle of the aisle, while still chatting with the friend, and quickly diaper her! Oh come was just pee... I decided right then and there that I am not going back to Target for at least a month! I bought all the cereals, pretzels, pringles, crackers, stackers, oreo fun stix (?), waffles, and veggie patties (for me) that my kids have been asking me for... I bought toilet paper, paper towels, orange juice and iced tea. I bought enough of them to last a month, I hope.

Then I went to pay and as I watched her put everything in bags I thought... do I really have to bring all this home???

So that brings me up to right now...sitting at my computer, writing this blog, hoping that my groceries will carry themselves into the house and put themselves away...

P.S. I am so not gonna be missing Target any time soon.


  1. obviously...since i don't have a toddler, i'm still allowed to love target ;)

  2. Did you change her in the diaper aisle at least?

  3. When I read this post all I kept thinking about was how big that bill must have been.

    I can't even imagine. I'm sure JB was thrilled.