Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Am I) The Biggest Loser

I don't like reality tv. I LOVE reality tv. The biggest loser...definitely one of my favs. Tuesday night was the finale. The 3 hour finale!!! I was all excited for it... could not wait to see Tara, Mike, Ron, and Helen weigh in and see how much they lost...see who would win. Could not wait to see Mandi, Aubrey, Laura, Kristin, Sione and all the other contestants that were sent home... Could. not. wait.

It had been a long day... worked out, went to the park with kids, t-ball.... all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch my reality tv.

7:00 The Biggest Loser starts...
Husband puts Alyssa to sleep.

8:00 Contestants are weighing in...
Husband puts Will to sleep.

Some time after that I apparently fell asleep because at 8:55 i hear my girls say, "mommy you are missing all of it!"

I fell asleep. I fell asleep? During the show I had been waiting all day to watch???
I'm blaming it on too much sun...

I rewatched (is that a word? spell check keeps underlining it) on wednesday...
I cannot believe how much weight they all lost!!! and even more unbelievable?... some of them are still fat! I was very impressed with a bunch of them though.

Tara... looked amazing! Helen... really skinny! Mike... who knew he was such a cutie?

Sione, Filipe, Kristin, Blaine, Nicole... great job!

The sad part is that they all need plastic surgery now to get rid of all the extra, loose, disgusting, hanging skin...(Helen stop lifting up your arms! Jerry, you too.) Isn't it weird how old they suddenly look?

Kristin's hair... WTF???

These people totally motivated me to work out faster and longer...thanks guys!

*except for you David. stop eating fast food and get your ass to the gym.

**Jillian, if for some crazy reason you see this....please come kick my ass into shape. thanks!


  1. whoa. they really turned from fat people into hot people. thats amazing.

  2. i thought Helen looked awful. way too skinny. it made her look old and weathered.

    but mike. *sigh* my love for mike knows no bounds.

  3. I was gonna say the same thing about Helen. She needs a few pounds put back on, or some fat to be injected back into her face and hands. I would be willing to donate the fat.

    p.s. (maybe it is re-watched)

  4. hahaha. I actually wrote Helen was way too thin. but then lindsey told me she thought she was still a little chubby so I got all insecure and changed it. I think she looks awful also. Tara looks hot, and yes ali i agree with you. when Mike walked on stage I was like....hello..Mike! :) I think Blaine is looking pretty sexy too.

  5. Blaine IS pretty hot, and Helen looks all gaunt and drawn out in her face. Some pple just look better with a fuller face. She also looks a lot older not(no fat to fill in all the would be wrinkles!) anyway, since Helen sent home her own daughter I don't like her. I thought it was SOOO selfish. I so did NOT want her to win. I miss the biggest loser already. When does next season start???

  6. By the way, I think it's SOOO funny that you FELL ASLEEP!!! How could you do that???? And I'm also so inspired when I watch it.... 'til the next day when I get hungry.