Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Daughter, The Girly Girl ?

So I went to do a couple returns yesterday. Usually Alyssa is asleep in her stroller when I go shopping, but this time she was awake and just as happy to see the store as I was.

She loves clothes and shoes and likes to model them off for us at home. At the store I tried a dress on her and she ran over to a complete stranger and stared up at her until the lady looked back and said, "you look adorable!" Then she smiled and came running back to me.

She found a pink purse that went perfectly with her outfit and carried it around the store while looking at handbags, jewelry, and shoes.... She was so so so cute!!!

Later on, at Will's t-ball game, I was sitting on the grass talking to my friend.... telling her how girly Alyssa was when we were shopping.... how much i love the way she's so into clothes and shoes and jewelry... how she's such a girly girl.... when i turn around and see this:

I was totally embarrassed... I suddenly felt the need to grab my phone to show her the pictures and prove I wasn't lying.

Then I looked at Alyssa again and thought...she looks pretty damn cute in that baseball helmet!


  1. there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a girly girl who is also good at sports!!!! i think it's awesome! and besides, alyssa looks good in whatever she wears....