Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Babies Are Welcome Here...

It is spring. Baby animals are being born every day. My friend had 5 baby kittens born under her deck. She watched them nurse from the mommy cat and play with each other.

Another friend.... a robin's nest with four baby birds, hatched just the other day. They are soooooo adorable with their little eyes closed and their yellow beaks opened wide waiting for food.....


Cute little animals out there.....

Please come have your babies at my house!

I won't bother you. I swear!

I, i mean my kids, just want to see how cute you are......

* If you are a squirrel disregard this message.


  1. Do humans disregard this message too? Cuz I know someone who could birth a cute baby at your house...

  2. There is a peice of me that lives on in those little kitties....their mama, not so much...she freaked me out w/ her death stares!
    - Miss S.

  3. After our tragic ending, you probably don't want any more animals to come to your house!