Friday, May 22, 2009

Jon, You Might Not Like This One...

I had a great day yesterday, and this is why......

I spent the day at Old Orchard (outdoor mall) with my sister-in-law. Since Alyssa was asleep in her stroller we decided to take advantage and go to Ann Taylor where I found these....!!!

*seriously, are so much cuter in person.

*hard to tell, but they are angled by the toe and open on the inner side....

* these look hideous here...but are really cute! they are the same as the black above but these are for fun... to dress up a pair of jeans or with a short skirt. love!

The best part of all was that each of these were originally $115 or $125 and I paid $23 for each of them!!! $74.22 for all three! (Jon you know I couldn't have just bought one pair...that would have been ridiculous!) I felt very accomplished... so proud of myself. There is something about shopping that makes you feel good. The brand new pair of shoes (or 3 in this case), a new handbag, a brand new lipstick, or even a freakin t-shirt... it just makes ya happy... Girls, you know what I'm talkin about!

Then we went to Nordstrom, and bought a few things for the kiddies...(we don't need any details here, the hubby reads this). Alyssa woke up, so we went to the dragon (an outdoor climbing thing) to play. After a short while, Alyssa decided that she would rather walk around and look at the stores instead. She also insisted on holding my SIL's Ann Taylor bag....

I think every single person at Old Orchard told me how cute she was...they were right :)

Then we went to The Picture People so I could finally have a picture of my 18 month old (!!!) on my wall. In my family room I have a wall of pictures of my kids. Each one has their own photo shoot... (except Alyssa) :(

But today that was all gonna change!
Unfortunately, Alyssa didn't really want to smile today. My SIL and I had to give her props. It was kinda difficult and a little stressful but the photographer got some great pics!

We picked up Will from school and went to Bagel Country for a late lunch. After, we went back to The Picture People to see Alyssa's pictures. They were all really cute. I got 3 pictures for my family room wall (although there were 2 others that were really cute too). These are the ones I chose:

When I got home I decided to make rainbow dinner...thanks Shosh... because Will had t-ball and I didn't have enough time to make a real dinner (not that I really wanted to anyway. I got my hubby his favorite soup from Bagel Country though). Here is a picture of my version of rainbow dinner...

Thanks for the idea Shosh. Emily loved it and wants to have it again another night!

*That is not soda. It's purple water... just so you know.


  1. OMG, where the hell are all the comments....this one is bound to get a bunch!
    Good score on the shoes, cute pics of Alyssa, and luv the rainbow dinner idea (altho how do u get the older ones to get excited about it?)
    ...and what the hell is purple water??
    - Miss. S.

  2. ok alyssa looks so cute i love that first picture!!! and that vitamin water, or did you actually put food coloring in water?

  3. Just love the pic where she is sitting and texting???? so cute

  4. The pics are great! I'm sure there were a bunch of cute ones. I could tell there would be.

  5. Love the pictures!!! They are going to look so cute on the wall, and now Alyssa won't feel left out!

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaah - the shopper's "high" - euphoric. If they put it in a pill and bottled it, it would not come close. Good killing on the shoes. And Allysa -sooooooo cute.